Marco Rubio Defends Karl Rove’s Pro-RINO Project

Tell me again why “conservatives” love this guy?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) gave a strong defense of GOP strategist Karl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project in a recent interview, arguing that the super PAC offshoot, designed to quash conservative Senate candidates who might be too extreme to win general elections, was sensible.

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Rubio may end up regretting this. Karl Rove is fast becoming a bete noire of conservatives and Rubio may not be helping himself by publicly siding with him.

If 2016 comes down to Rubio and Rand (more on him in my next post) I may gouge out an eye.

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One thought on “Marco Rubio Defends Karl Rove’s Pro-RINO Project

  1. Weaver

    Hopefully siding with Rove does hurt him later.

    If we mayn’t have extreme conservatives, and if war is “conservative”; may we have anti-war conservative senate candidates, please?

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