Human Events Newspaper for Sale

Human Events is for sale and may close.

I used to receive Human Events for a period in the past before the widespread advent of the internet. It was known to be somewhat paleo friendly, as it’s Editor for some duration after ’96 was Terence Jeffrey, who had been Pat Buchanan’s campaign manager in ’96. If I’m not mistaken, HE supported Buchanan’s primary challenge in ’92.

But as far as I know in recent years Human Events, which is now owned by Eagle Publishing, has been indistinguishable from other pro-war yahoo rags. (I haven’t followed them in recent years. If anyone knows whether they still retain any paleo vestiges, let me know. Also, does anyone know if Jeffrey still leans paleo?)

Here are a couple of comments on the potential demise of HE from Lew Rockwell. See here and here.

Human Events has a venerable history as the Rockwell posts show. This is a case where we really need some paleo moneybags to buy it up and retake it from the neocons. And no that does not mean turning it into moderation central.

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4 thoughts on “Human Events Newspaper for Sale

  1. C Bowen

    No paleo vistages, and Jeb Babbin, who was editor a few years back (and also a Pentagon Pundit) chased Jerome Corsi, their only ‘property’ and a real celebrity in those circles for Swift boat work, away to WND when he refused to drop North American Union articles.

    (From an entrepreneurial perspective, I find Joe Farah interesting as he tried to juggle all the various Bible fundamentalists/extremist/alarmist/conspiracy branches while pleasing tradition Conservative Inc figures and institutions. Farah intentionally forgets what he said the other day, just to please who ever gave him some money to promote some new foreign policy analyst from Neocon Inc’s C list.)

    Babbin pretty much destroyed any chance of Human Events being a DC version of WND. I’d also point out that they entirely failed to promote Tom Woods, then a best selling author for the PIG to American History, since that might promote Lew Rockwell, or gasp, Ron Paul. From Eagle Publishing’s perspective, the site is useless,though they carry Coulter and Buchanan.

    Though again, Babbin often censored Buchanan columns in the soft way by having no front page link.

  2. Savrola

    Part of this comes from background, Farah, for example is a Lebanese shopkeeper and has a shopkeepers mentality.
    He started WND when there was Paleo money floating around, namely from Vox Day’s father, the now imprisoned Mr. Beale.

  3. C Bowen

    I’d forgotten that Vox Day story–nice detail.

    Farah started in the ‘rightweb’ biz with the Scaife funded ‘Western Journalism Center’ which in the first act of real astroturfing of my young internet life, would promote the works of Chris Ruddy on the Vince Foster case without actually mentioning they shared a benefactor, demonstrating a high ethical standard, ahem.

    WND was started as a for profit arm and perhaps an attempt by Farah to get away from Scaife; either that or Scaife was divesting and promoting his one property Chris Ruddy at Newsmax; Farah has done a remarkable job for even trying. Even Mike (Weiner) Savage is copying him with an appearance on Alex Jones which Farah and Corsi are oft to do.

    Like I said, I really admire the effort.

  4. Sean Scallon

    Some will say HE was the casualty of modern media being online orientated than print as HE was. But I would argue Human Events sadly is another victim of 9-11 like so much of conservatism. On Sept. 10 and before, especially in the 1990s when Buchananite Terrance Jefferies was running Human Events, it did have paleo sympathies. A lot has changed since then and I think we know why. Human Events became unremarkable and thus now, for sale. And for sale dirt cheap.

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