War and Health

I came of age on ‘alarmist’ rhetoric with rightwing implications, though my brain was well schooled in modern political science, here in the Northeast.  Worse then the effects of Heavy Metal on my brain, I have spent most of my adult life waiting for the fall, which I thought came in the year 2008, but by then, I just assumed that nothing, not even that, was going to alter the course.

From a political science perspective, I agree with the non-interventionists.  The weight of noise from Babylon on the Potomac is simply a smokescreen for the various foreign and domestic lobbies to operate and fleece the ever so humble citizens, save their never ending desire to have their egos massaged, and genitals groped to get on an airplane to prove their piousness.

Who else suffers such humiliations save a true believer?

Non-interventionism is a tactic.

But I hate all the wars–hence I agree with the non-interventionist from the heart as well.  I really do.  My Great Uncle carried grief to his grave for the hideous things he saw in Nagasaki—when Truman wiped out the Christians of Japan (to be repeated in Iraq.)  A portrait of my Great Great Great Grandfather hangs in the dining room; he hired a substitute for the War Between the States, was always a good contributor to the various veterans groups, and rather vague on that time period, as far as I can draw from published accounts.

I read an account from his bitter brother, though, who allegedly marched for some Union Iowa outfit, who called him out.

I often see Great Great Great Grandpa looking at me as if to say: ‘Screw them.’  This is tied to a film I enjoy, Legends of the Fall (read the short story from William Harrison and see the movie), where the stroke affected Sir Anthony Hopkins suggests to his son, Tristian (Brad Pitt) that since his brother had voted for the Volstead Act—‘screw the government’ and the implication to become a smuggler–the traditional Anglo-Celtic response.

I cannot argue with Dr. Ron Paul to continue to focus on foreign policy in the abstract attempt that Old People might yet figure it out, but I consider the cause hopeless.   Obama’s drones were the workaround to any hesitation.

I would rather see Dr. Paul continue to work his unique, grandpa connection to the youth with a symposium on healthcare—not from a natural/free market perspective, if that could be a subplot, but from a workaround perspective.  Have lawyers and insurance/financial specialists discuss ideas that entrepreneurs might develop along the lines of the Christian based medishare programs.  And if all else fails, support massive civil disobedience, dropping out, and neighborly love (and a fleet of lawyers and film crews)….and be clear on the more darker implications, of family members, even oneself, going to the grave early, rather than take a bill from those people—present a story of martyrdom.

Seriously, get life insurance, not hospital insurance.  And legalize cheap pain killers.

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3 thoughts on “War and Health

  1. JDP

    “when Truman wiped out the Christians of Japan”

    what does their Christianity have to do with this

  2. Savrola

    Christians aren’t supposed to kill Christians.

    I know this is a novel concept to Judeao-Christians.

  3. Hawthorne Post author

    Ask Truman and his planners. Probably just coincidence, certainly, that the most Christian city in Japan got the 2nd bomb. Well, maybe just a minor, almost inconsequential noted potential plus.

    Or am I missing your query?

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