CPAC Shilling for Amnesty – Freezing Out Immigration Restrictionists

This whole article from VDARE is well worth a read. My how far Conservative Inc. has fallen.

Apparently the organizers (and funders) of CPAC, like the innumerate GOP pro-amnesty caucus, either have a death wish for their causes and their party or they can’t do simple math.

The demographic shift unleashed over the last 40 years by massive immigration—legal and illegal—is on course to crush Republicans and conservatives utterly.

Of course, paleoconservative writers have been warning about this since the 1980s. But Conservatism Inc. has done nothing to stop or even slow the invasion. 

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7 thoughts on “CPAC Shilling for Amnesty – Freezing Out Immigration Restrictionists

  1. RonL

    Al Cardenas is a pro-Islamist, pro-amnesty Cuban, who has not yet decided to purge CPAC of the religious right.

  2. RedPhillips Post author

    I doubt Cardenas is “pro-Islamist” whatever that means. If he was he would be denouncing our interventionist foreign policy. What he is, I suspect, is interested in stroking/not offending the people and interests that write big checks.

  3. Savrola

    Emmigration restriction is probably the dumbest issue to settle in the conservative mind, ever.

  4. IanH

    Norquist actually has criticized the war of terror and interventionism several times.

    Besides his marriage to a Muslim, as I understand it he got sick of seeing the GOP suck up to Jewish voters when it never got did them any good. He figures that Muslims are a far more valuable constituency, or so he claims.

    Of course, he’s a nasty hateful liar, so I’m not inclined to believe anything he says.

  5. RonL

    Pamela Gellar and AFDI have been banned on the orders of Grover al Norquist. Cardenas has no problem with the US helping the Muslim Brotherhood Militarily.

    CPAC continues to disgrace itself and the movement. It isn’t about America or Conservatism anymore. The most important thing is kowtowing to Grover Norquist.

  6. RedPhillips Post author

    Ron, the helping the Muslim Brotherhood issue is an interventionist internal debate. On the one side you have your ideological democratists who believe America should always side with insurgents against dictators and on the other you have your Islam skeptics who have a more pessimistic view of how much democracy is desirable in Muslim nations. But to act like the help the Muslim Brotherhood faction is actually motivated by pro-Islamist or otherwise malevolent sympathies is just silly. That may be true of a few individual, but it is not true of most. Most are just ideologically blinded democratist fools.

    I don’t doubt that Norquist and other financial backers play a role in CPAP attempting to tone down some of the more extreme anti-Muslim rhetoric, just as I suppose Sheldon Adleson’s big bucks play a role in purging the immigration restrictionists. But Cardenas or whoever does not support Muslim Brotherhood insurgents because he secretly desires to restore the Caliphate. The larger interventionism they espouse is inherently based on hostility to Muslims and sympathy for Jews. The democratists simply embrace an internal contradiction.

  7. Savrola

    I support the Muslim Brotherhood because they are a truly conservative organization, though I will admit to being an outlier in this.

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