More Rand Paul Reax

Because the Rand Paul dead horse still needs more beating:

Daniel Laison comments on “Movement Conservative Reactions…”

Larison’s comments are in response to this article by Jim Antle.

Aaron Wolfe on the reaction of National Review. Aaron, quoting Sam Francis, makes an important point here. Neocons (and mainstream conservatives in general) have always taken a dim view of extremism qua extremism?

James Kirkpatrick at VDARE takes a more critical view of Rand.

Pat Buchanan asks “Who Now Speaks for the GOP?…

Justin Raimondo appears to have climbed aboard the Rand train. See here and here. Before he was highly critical of Rand.

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One thought on “More Rand Paul Reax

  1. C Bowen

    James Kirkpatrick is a serious political paleocon.

    He doesn’t write about how he feels, he gets on with explaining tactics to aid his chosen issues.

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