Judge Napolitano in 2016?

Apparently the Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano movement has a presence at CPAC. (The only link I have is to a Facebook page, which may not work if you’re not friends with the Judge. I’m not sure.) I don’t know how it is being received at CPAC, but it is being received favorably on Facebook. At the time of this posting, the above linked to picture has 6,288 likes and 1,203 comments.

We have discussed the Judge Nap for Prez meme here before. The problem I have with the Judge is that he is an ideological open borders advocate, as are many libertarians. If he was an immigration restrictionist, or even just more mainstream on immigration, I would be supportive of a Judge Nap run. Who else is going to represent non-interventionism except maybe Rand, but that is a discussion for a different thread.

Update: Here is a Blaze story about the CPAC booth. “Political Media, a web developer that focuses on libertarian organizations and political candidates, wants Fox News’s Judge Andrew Napolitano to run for president. The company has an entire booth set up at CPAC to draft him as a candidate…” The fact that it is being run by a company, not an ad hoc group of activists,  concerns me. I hope they don’t see a Judge Nap run as just another opportunity to hit up Ron Paul supporters for money.

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4 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano in 2016?

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  2. JWD

    The web page works fyi: DraftJudgeNapolitano.com and AndrewNapolitano.com twitter is @DraftTheJudge16 Please stop the mediocre lazy journalism Blaze

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    That the Judge seems to be liked by both the Lew Rockwell crowd and the Koch crowd is a bit surprising.

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