Speaking of Libertarians, Immigration, CPAC and a Plan

Below I mention Judge Nap’s libertarian immigration problem. In another thread C Bowen praised James Kirkpatrick for having a “plan.” Here is a new VDARE article from James Kirkpatrick (Is that his real name?) called “CPAC 2013: Conservatism Inc. vs. Libertarianism Inc.?” It is a very insightful article. I am growing fond of Mr. Kirkpatrick’s writing. Here is the makings of a paleo “plan.”

While neoconservatives lectured us that the national interest consisted of becoming a “universal nation” and spreading democracy overseas, the new left-libertarianism tells us the national interest doesn’t even exist.

The good news: the American people simply don’t support root-canal libertarianism.

Which provides an opportunity. There is no reason that immigration patriots should go down with U.S.S. Conservatism Inc. As elite opinion solidifies behind amnesty, immigration patriots gain a political opening for a populist movement that can be anti-corporate, economically nationalist, racially realist—and politically dangerous to “conservatives,” progressives, and libertarians alike.

Immigration patriots can build a new movement that can stand up for the historic American nation that the Beltway Right—libertarian and “conservative”—has utterly betrayed.

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9 thoughts on “Speaking of Libertarians, Immigration, CPAC and a Plan

  1. C Bowen


    To be clear, I pointed out that Kirkpatrick used the opportunity of the filibuster to promote his cause (rather than point out whether he supported Rand or not, which would be about him). My applause were a suggestion to others who like to “write” (even if they don’t care for his cause, then to support their own cause, whatever it is–steer it any place you like, but steer it.)

    Nevertheless, I share a similar enjoyment of his writing. His movie review of Melancholia was haunting and aided in approaching that film.

  2. Savrola

    Libertarianism is at worst, a philosophy for weaklings. I’ve been around them for 20 years and over the past few, have come to terms with the fact that nearly all libertarians and classical liberals are attracted by idealogy’s promotion of shirking responsibility.

  3. IanH

    I have to agree with Savrola.

    The libertarian movement, such as it is, seems mostly concerned with legalizing pot.

  4. C Bowen

    I would concede that libertarianism is most often a shower to wash the neocon off with the younger folks, but they are receptive to criticism and tactical advice to make amends. I have an idea what Sav is describing though in his region–lots of “look at me”, but no political action.

    I am guessing IanH is in his 50s, maybe 60s with a tired old barb. Maybe just a college Republican in finance though.

  5. savrola

    well the whole pot legalization thing is like opposite side of the coin from criminalizing kicking puppies.

    Who *isn’t* in favor of pot legalization? It’s an easy issue, doesn’t take any strength of character or will support it.

    Low taxes and pot legalization….grooovy maaaaaan.

  6. IanH

    I’m actually 28. And yes, I think libertarianism is a braindead ideology made up of blithering idiots with their thumbs up a certain orifice who think about nothing except how the government should allow them to shit in the street and jack off in public.

    But please, make rash judgements. Get angry and snippy. Claim that I simply “don’t understand”. I’m obviously incapable of seeing the cosmic libertarian plan.

  7. C Bowen


    Were you a college Republican? In finance?

    You hang out with some strange folks to leave you with such an impression since what you describe would violate property rights.

  8. IanH

    I’d sooner gouge my eyeballs out with a burning stick than give money to or have anything at all to do with the Republican Party.

    I was merely relaying my disgust of libertarians in a harsher manner than I probably should have.

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