CPAC Miscellany

There is so much CPAP info out there in the conservative blogosphere, this is just a summary of some things that caught my attention.

From the Palmetto Patriot’s Facebook page: “I have it on good authority that CPAC is going to be covered with ‘secede’ stickers. We shall see if the ‘respectable conservatives’ there mention it.”

The consensus seems to be that Rand Paul wowed them.



Time: “Rand Paul Steals Show from Marco Rubio

The Daily Beast: “Rand Paul is so Hot Right Now

And here are a couple of stories from VDARE. (VDARE has been on fire lately.)

James Kirkpatrick on the CPAC immigration panel.

And Patrick Cleburne at VDARE.

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5 thoughts on “CPAC Miscellany

  1. Savrola

    CPAC is irelevent.. I would be interested in chatter about creating a Southern alternative to CPAC, which would also be irelevent, but at least show that you and Foghorn Leghorn are trying.

  2. RedPhillips Post author

    We are a conservative wedsite that is critical of mainstream conservatism from the right. Therefore, it should not be at all shocking that we comment on and largely criticize CPAC. From our standpoint CPAC is not irrelevant. CPAC is emblematic of what is wrong with movement conservatism in general. Try to keep up.

  3. Savrola

    movement conservatism is irelevent, because it’s chance at power sailed a long time ago.

  4. Savrola

    Just think Red, you are the defeated rump opposition of a defeat rump opposition.

    Must make you feel very special and trendy.

  5. Crazyotto

    Are you saying that the Statist Oligarchy employed by the current Administration is the winning formula?

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