Rand Paul wins “C”PAC Straw

Senator Rand Paul won the “C”PAC vote, which is both impressive, and a reminder that the bad guys are onto him.

Back in the day, Ron Paul folks had to actually travel and buy tickets–but then they got to boo Dick Cheney and Rummy, so I can see how it would be worth the price for a little political theater.

Senator Rubio came in second, and must be feeling concerned about the whole Amnesty Bill  he is promoting with Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

The paleo simply notes that without a dog in the fight, there is only one potential free agent, Rand Paul, who might take some tactical advice.

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3 thoughts on “Rand Paul wins “C”PAC Straw

  1. SoCal Patriot

    The fact that Rubio came in second further proves that there are still ‘conservatives’,at CPAC anyway,who continue to be gluttons for punishment.

    It also appears that Jeb Bush withdrew his name for consideration from the poll.We don’t have to wonder why,do we?

  2. Hawthorne Post author

    Rubio has professional supporters, as does Rand. Rand’s grassroots are a slightly more authentic version of Rubio’s astroturf, hence it is interesting that Rand beats Rubio.

    Bob Wenzel, reliable to have a counter take, suggested that on the heels of the filibuster, it is a sign that Senator Paul was a flop at CPAC, in light of his narrow victory.


    Thank you for a mercifully shorter version of the “I don’t support” meme. Others should learn from it.

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