29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary

Here’s a rather jarring omen of how diseased our political system has become – a Public Mind poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University reveals that 29% of American voters believe it will take an armed revolt to protect their civil liberties.

Little wonder people are so frustrated and frightened these days. How much confidence can they have in a political system when the anti-war, pro-civil liberty candidate wins the election, then orders yet another surge of US troops in an unpopular war, and expands both domestic surveillance and the exercise of arbitrary government power?

This poll reflects genuine concern about the abuse of power by a centralized, hostile federal government that Robert E. Lee predicted would rise from Lincoln’s successful counter-revolution against the principles of 1776. The dynamic that Lee foresaw – “aggressive abroad and despotic at home” – is made vividly clear today as civilian control methods perfected in occupied Iraq are beiing utilized here at home by an increasingly militarized police. What a perfect illustration of the mutual hostility and distrust between rulers and the ruled.

As DC hardens itself to reform by hamstringing potential third parties and nullifying local self-government, frustration with our increasingly inept and catastrophic government can only solidify and spread.

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12 thoughts on “29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary

  1. Feltan

    I don’t know whether to be encouraged or disappointed by the 29% number. On one hand I would expect it to be a much greater percentage, especially in face of the pending Obamacare disaster. On the other hand, with voter apathy and ignorance at seemingly record levels such a number is stunningly high.

    On thing for sure, we pretty much know who that 29% did not vote for in the Presidential race.


  2. Weaver

    I’d settle for equality. Equal rights for white Southerners please.

    We read about persecution of the Japanese during WWII, but if activists want to learn about the truly persecuted they should try wearing or flying a Confederate Battle Flag. We have a distinct culture and identity; it’s ethnic cleansing to try to erase us.

  3. Weaver

    You talk with any ethnicity in the world, none respect Southerners, if they even know of us.

    There’s always some lowest rung target group, the group that others say “well at least I’m not them”. Haha, we really don’t want to remain as pariahs.

    I know there’ve been attempts at improving the South’s image, but seeing the video of the attack on Shane Long is an eye opener. Those activists don’t see him as human. He’s a target for their anger. That could have been me, and it could have been worse.

    We need equality now.

  4. Feltan


    It could be worse.

    It’s open season on Christians, fat people, smokers as well as those south of the Mason-Dixon.

    God help you if you additionally don’t recycle, eat red meat and think gay-marriage is a perversion.

    Don’t feel alone Johnny Reb, you ain’t the only one being shit upon.


  5. Weaver

    The other groups cry victim, though they’re not usually victimised. Since we’re actual victims, it seems like we should cry out too…

    Internally we might think: life is good. The future might be dire, but the present is nice. Externally… if they can complain, we sure as Hell can complain!

  6. Weaver


    I’m ready to toss the smokers and overeaters under the bus.

    The paleo view tends to be: One should slow down, eat what tastes good, enjoy life. Excessive exercise can lead to vanity.

    There’s wisdom in this, but there’s a more-martial tendency within the right as well, that encourages one to take care of himself, so he can perform his duties. This needn’t remove the fun from life: There are always Cheat Days in any strict diet.

    Richard Weaver lived to be only 53. Sam Francis, 57. Mel Bradford, 58. Joe Sobran, 64.

    There’s a health food movement, with a Southern character, near where I live. The best Japanese sushi was invented in the US. I would love to see Southern cuisine updated to become the latest health food style.

  7. Feltan


    It is a bit of a disconnect to ask for respect of Southern culture, and in almost the same breath be willing to toss a third of the U.S. population under the bus.

    You can only expect to get what you give.

    Embrace liberty.


  8. Kirt Higdon

    This is one of those pseudo-portentious polls which doesn’t actually indicate much of anything. So 18% of Dems, 44% of Reps, and 27% of independents thinks an armed revolution might be needed in a few years. Am I alone in suspecting that the percentages of Reps and Dems would be flipped if the Rep side of the duopoly held the presidency?

    More significant is the fact that the poll simply invites the responder to indulge in speculation about future contingencies without committing himself even verbally to doing something. Now there is a lot of apocalyptic speculation about – just check out your local bookstore or TV schedule – but this is because it’s scary fun, sort of like teenage girls going to slasher films. You also have a handful of serious “preppers” and they actually have their own reality TV series. But armed revolution in a few years? I predict not. Thanks to technological advances, the evil empire may well extend and deepen its controls, with the enthusiastic approval of most of its subjects. That’s the really scary probability.

  9. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author


    I agree. In fact, I think we need to stress the importance of personal health as a key component of liberty activism. If we’re not in shape to enjoy life and live independently, there’s no hope of creating a pro-liberty movement.

    Too many are totally out of shape, and depend exclusively on firearms for self-defense. An exercise regimen and some knowledge of primitive weapons is essential.

  10. roho

    Ever seen a group of hunters with high tech infared scopes kill pigs in the dark?………..See our future.

    The patriots of 1776 had the same technology as the King.

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