12 thoughts on “National Review Says Heritage was Wrong to Fire Richwine

  1. Likuctopus

    You know I generally agree that someone shouldn’t be blacklisted for one view, even if it’s loopy/wrong, so long as it’s not something that infects their whole political outlook. However a quick google shows a direct quote from Sobran expressing skepticism of Holocaust numbers and that Hitler was “not intent on racial extermination” (lol.) Might want to avoid casting such a wide net with this “un-PC” stuff. it’s reflexive enemy-of-enemy thinking and doesn’t lend any actual analysis to what these guys said.

  2. Weaver

    A quick search of Sobran won’t reveal an accurate picture of a good man.

    He was not an anti-Semite, may he R.I.P. Whatever skepticism Sobran had was assuredly based in historical research – and likely in reply to people calling him an anti-Semite.

  3. Likuctopus

    There’s historical research showing that an ideology entirely based around racial extermination wasn’t actually based around racial extermination? I’d be interested in seeing it

  4. Likuctopus

    “and likely in reply to people calling him an anti-Semite.”

    this is such BS. They “radicalized” him by firing him, they made him say that. why don’t you just admit the comments are dumb and false and leave it that. It always has to be this “people banished by mainstream conservatives can do no wrong” mentality

  5. thaddeus

    Typical concern trolling from Likuctopus — something you see everywhere in comments sections at alt-right sites, when anything comes up that rubs philosemites the wrong way. They’ll agree with this, that, and other — but when it comes to something against Holocaustianity and the precious tribe, then, oh, no, we mustn’t go there, not to the sacred truths.

    Rather, given his perceptiveness, if Sobran had doubts about any topic, I’d be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. And “LOL” is not a refutation.

    And Sobran had his own well-known definition of the ad-hominem term “anti-Semite” — an accurate one, IMO.

  6. Richard Channing

    I always thought Sobran’s description of the term “anti-Semite” was an accurate description and one that I’m surprised I’ve never read anywhere else.

  7. Matt Weber

    No hypocrisy here. Derbyshire didn’t get fired because he takes IQ seriously, he got fired because he wrote an article saying a bunch of mean things about blacks.

  8. thaddeus

    In fact, the hypocrisy is jaw-dropping.

    Buchanan, Sobran, Derbyshire, and Richwine were all booted because they committed the same, most unpardonable transgression in a Cultural-Marxist world (which of necessity is entirely built on lies):

    They told the truth.

  9. Likuctopus

    thaddeus, are Holocaust numbers and the nature of Nazi ideology something that’s in dispute? You’re treating these comments like the guy made a mild critique of Israeli policy or something. “i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt cuz I liked him” is not a response.

    like I said I don’t believe in reducing people to certain false views they had. What’s annoying is the kneejerk, do-no-wrong defense. it’s just reverse-engineered PC.

    FWIW I agree with this site that a lot of mainstream conservative writers are, shall we say, flexible on select issues, probably cuz a bunch of them seem to think of themselves as GOP strategists. i just don’t think this requires defending absolutely every view of everyone fired by National Review or believing that true conservatism = dead-ender neo-Confederate ideology.

  10. Weaver

    I just posted:

    “Which is an advertiser on his program, it should be noted.” Nice find. Limbaugh is just running a business. I should find out who advertises on his show and boycott their products.

    I’d surely have a larger impact than the NAACP’s boycott has had on South Carolina’s economy.

    Limbaugh is a phony. Real conservatives listen to James Edwards.

    in reply to Richard Spencer.

    It didn’t show up. No idea if he’s got comment turned off.

  11. Weaver

    It really bugs me that James Edwards is labeled a skinhead by Maddow.

    Southerners can’t be skinheads! We’re like the opposite, lol.

  12. Julian

    ‘are Holocaust numbers…something that’s in dispute’

    Only for those willing to read, listen and think.

    lol @ ‘neo-Confederate ideology.’ Just more shotgun style concern trolling.

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