Kevin MacDonald on Joe Biden’s Faux Pas

Joe Biden’s Faux Pas” by Dr. Kevin MacDonald

But if social justice was all there was to it, why are Jews in favor of displacement-level immigration and multiculturalism in the Diaspora in the West but resolutely opposed to such policies in Israel?

But that is a mistake. Banning honest discussions of Jewish power is the linchpin that protects Jewish power. Joe Sobran and Wilmot Robertson noted this long ago, and it remains true today.

And although Chait expresses concern that Biden’s ideas will be used by “anti-Semites,” I don’t think he should be too worried. There’s probably not more than 1/1000 Americans who are aware of his comments. I can’t even find the entire original speech anywhere.

The Chait reference is to here.

Best article I’ve seen on this topic. I can’t locate the complete speech online either.

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14 thoughts on “Kevin MacDonald on Joe Biden’s Faux Pas

  1. thaddeus

    Glad to see Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s work referenced here. He’s the most important writer on the dissident/traditionalist right, by far.

    The Political Cesspool article doesn’t seem to work — at least not at this time. The original article can be found here:

    Even the amnesty war is second in importance to the cultural war from which Biden’s comments pull back the curtain — because all of our other problems begin with this issue; they all flow from it.

  2. thaddeus

    More incisive passages from the article, which is a must-read:

    Chait loves the fact that people like him run the media: “We liberals owe not a small measure of our success to the propaganda campaign of a tiny, disproportionately influential cultural elite.” Must be nice to have your ideas broadcast 24/7 to hundreds of millions of people while the racialist right is pretty stuck expressing their views in a closet.


    It took the 1960s counter-cultural revolution to unleash Hollywood with the results that we see now: wall-to-wall violence and sexuality. And the “Nazis” and anyone else who opposes multicultural America are always the bad guys.

    In addition, to Dr. MacDonald’s work, also see the book Primetime Propaganda — penned by an Orthodox member of the tribe, no less — which confirms the thesis.

  3. roho

    “OH NO!”………You used the”JEW” word!……..How dare you, you ignorant goyim anti-Semite!………..Noone but Jews understand the Jewish Challenge!……………….HA-HA!

    We are doomed until we figure out this non-AMERICAN PROGRAM!


  4. Rollo

    Kevin MacDonald might have been an important commentator on the dissident right, but he threw his lot in with the crazies. His Occidental Quarterly is a thinly veiled farce. It appears scholarly and thoughtful, but actually reading the articles reveals all sorts of low brow, crude and twisted views. Much like Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration.

    He has guts. I admire him for that. The general thesis is one that needs more exposure-to say the least- but he is dishonest in the details. Culture of Critique is only valuable because so few people have been willing to take up the subject.

    Really, I hope this site doesn’t turn into one of those quasi Nazi sites.

  5. thaddeus

    Textbook concern trolling from “Rollo.”

    Vague, unsubstantiated and ad-hominem attacks — predictably, just the same sort that the Left hurls against traditionalists of every stripe. To them, everyone to the right of Hillary Clinton is a “quasi” NSDAP.

    If there are specific “details” at The Occidental Observer that are debatable, discuss them. If not, the comment is exactly the sort of labelling to which MacDonald alerts us, and is itself “low brow” and “crude.”

  6. Weaver

    Rollo, I linked to James Edwards’ posting of it, because I prefer his values over some (not all) of what is published at Occidental Quarterly. I don’t follow TOQ closely, but I have read some good articles from it.

    “Culture of Critique is only valuable because so few people have been willing to take up the subject.”

    I haven’t taken up the subject beyond reading his books and a few other things. It certainly appears valuable from what I know. There is an overwhelming presence of Jews among left-wing leaders in the US. Anyone reading about the decline, or getting attacked today for example by the neocons, the mainstream press, and the SPLC, sees the Jewish names. It’s glaring.

    The right-wing isn’t polished, and it contains disparate elements. I think there are many doing the best they can. You do admit that Dr. MacDonald’s work is presently valuable.

    I’m a redneck from South Carolina. This decline must stop. I do not want the US to fall into a chaotic Balkanised war zone.

    It’s not a matter of attacking Jews; it’s a matter of getting them to cease attacking us rednecks!! I’m not German… My folks have been here almost within a generation of Jamestown’s founding. We fought the Germans.

  7. Rollo


    I get where you are coming from. The real concern I have is that in a marginalized group such as we are, the temptation is always there to go off the deep end.

    MacDonald doesn’t deserve all the flack he has gotten from the academic world, only some of it. As bad and laughable as I think his arguments are–laughable in the details and the method, not in general–he doesn’t even crack the top 10,000 list of bad academics.

    Yes, I admit that his work could be of value, but I feel the direction he has taken makes it more trouble than it is worth to take up CoC as a starting point. There is enough evidence in front of us that we can tackle the issue without it and go far beyond the bounds of “evolutionary psychology”.

  8. thaddeus

    “As bad and laughable as I think his arguments are–laughable in the details and the method”

    Prove it.

  9. RonL

    Replacing white Americans who like Jews and Israel with LAtinos (and Muslims) who do not, is not rational. It is not group interest. It is the mental illness of grievance politics and ingrained leftim by people who support abominations and spit on the Torah.

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