13 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham approves of Obama’s domestic surveillance

  1. Feltan

    The man is simply repulsive. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but when he shows up on a TV interview I cringe. His whining effeminate nasal voice just drives me up the wall.


  2. SoCal Patriot


    “…I can’t quite put my finger on it…”

    Even if you could,would you REALLY want to put a ‘finger on it’?Really?

  3. SoCal Patriot

    Since they are almost always seen together,would it be reasonable to assume that Sen.McCain himself,also,is a fairy?And,if so,that they have “a thing”going on between them?Just wondering.

    In other news,an anonymous source,of,admittedly, dubious credibility,has leaked what he,or she (or he-she)insists,pending the results of ‘vigorous’ focus group discussions,are footage from what appears to be two campaign videos for Senator Graham’s upcoming 2014 U.S. Senate reelection bid:



  4. Feltan

    “Even if you could,would you REALLY want to put a ‘finger on it’?Really?”


    Good point! I’ll have to choose my words more carefully.


  5. roho

    I believe that some time in the future, a Syanim for Israel will be identified as not only the handler of “Sugar Britches Graham”, but a long term honey pot scandal……..He makes me puke!

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