French Prime Minister: At Least One Far-Right Group to Be Dissolved for Violence

June 5th: A clash between far-right and far-left activists in front of a Paris clothing store resulted in the death of one of the latter. In reaction, according to the BBC:

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has asked the interior minister to take steps “immediately” to dissolve the [right-wing] Revolutionary Nationalist Youth (JNR).

However the leader of the JNR, Serge Ayoub, has denied any links to Meric’s death.

According to Euronews:

Ayrault said the government was looking into whether other far-right groups could be dissolved and reiterated his promise to “cut into pieces” neo-Nazi and fascist groups in France.

The National Front has described the killing as, “appalling”.

Would Ayrault start such a witch hunt in reaction to anarchist or Muslim crime?


Addendum: This reminds of Spike TV’s Deadliest Warriors episode, Aftermath – I.R.A. vs. Taliban. Who wins? Most likely the side that doesn’t use violence.

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12 thoughts on “French Prime Minister: At Least One Far-Right Group to Be Dissolved for Violence

  1. Weaver Post author

    Perhaps antifa attacked first, but it sounds like Meric was hit with brass knuckles.

    I don’t think his attacker should be defended too zealously, but it should be pointed out that *other* groups commit violence, including against the far-right. I didn’t know Golden Dawn’s headquarters have been bombed repeatedly. Such things are never carried by the American press.

  2. Hawthorne


    Check Varg’s (of Norway Black Metal infamy) blog:

    Ok… then some very few French newspapers interview witnesses to the event and it turns out the dead extremist was part of a group of «left wing activists» (i. e. extremists) wearing fighting gloves (!) who went to an event held in a shop selling clothes of a brand popular amongst nationalists in France. There they verbally abused and threatened the nationalists present, who returned to the inside of the shop to avoid having to fight the extremists. The extremists followed them into the shop but were thrown out of the shop by a guard, because they behaved aggressively. Eventually the nationalists, three young men and a young woman, had to leave the shop, and were then attacked by the waiting extremists. The nationalists then beat up the attacking extremists, and accidentally killed one of them in the process – using no weapons whatsoever when they defended themselves. All the witnesses confirm the story of the nationalists, including the guards who threw out the extremists. The «poor» victim of this «assassination» is known by the police for similar aggressive behaviour earlier. The police was also at the scene 15 minutes earlier, and confirms that everything was fine, the nationalists behaved examplary and there was no problem.

    Why would one not give the benefit of the doubt offered to Zimmerman? Interesting psychology here…

  3. Weaver

    OK. The BBC story has this:

    “The [suspect] named Esteban acknowledged to police that he had struck Clement Meric twice – bare-fisted, he claimed – including the blow that caused him to fall to the ground,” Mr Molins said.

    Other witnesses said “Esteban” had worn a knuckle-duster.

    “A friend of Clement Meric said he saw him with a knuckle-duster, while another witness at the scene referred to a ‘shiny object’ in his hands.”

    Two sets of knuckle-dusters had been found at his home, the prosecutor added.

    I don’t think we should insist on Esteban’s innocence until hearing more details.

  4. Weaver

    It’s interesting that Varg writes:

    The Jewish president of France and the Jewish prime minister too have gone out publicly and called it a murder, and even an assassination (!), and call for a total crackdown on all such horrible violent nationalist groups.

    I did not know this. Wikipedia doesn’t give their ethno-religion. The Prime Minister at least does not appear Jewish.

  5. robert m. peters

    Ah, a left-wing Horst Wessel! “Die Fahnen hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!” There will eventually be a temple dedicated to Meric.

  6. Feltan

    I suppose I should care more about this, but frankly I can’t muster the enthusiasm to read up on it.

    Even with all we have going on inside our borders, one Frog knocking off another Frog is certainly a tragedy. However, it is their tragedy — and we have enough of our own to keep us occupied.


  7. Weaver

    America’s identity is rooted in Europe, so it matters what happens there.

    Also of course politics in Europe can impact politics here. If Europe turns right wing, America likely will too, which would mean greater strength to repel this amnesty.

    I’m not saying Europe must guide us, but we do influence one another.

  8. C Bowen/Hawthorne


    “I don’t think we should insist on Esteban’s innocence until hearing more details.”

    Like Zimmerman, I don’t know if he is innocent, but I suspect he is not guilty. See what I did there?

    Mr. Peters;

    As a snark sort of poster, I am sad I didn’t think of that–great post.

  9. C Bowen/Hawthorne


    Also worth noting, French Nationalists are running away from the sound of the guns…what sort of message is that to the youth other than the elders are cowards? This might relate to the Venner topic.

    Here in America, a chap, with busted ideals, will still light the match and take the consequences–see Bradley Manning and the most recent chap. Neither is a “conservative”–and neither, like the picture of the French accused, is someone I would want over for an ale in the backyard–but I don’t have a problem defending them either.

  10. Weaver

    I don’t want to sink to the level of Jesse Jackson and such: upholding every black cause, both real and imagined (usually the latter).

    If not for the language barrier, I’d look into this more, sure. It’s important to speak up if something worth saying is found.

  11. C Bowen/Hawthorne


    We (using the term in a generic sense for the dissident right) defended Zimmerman, who is by no means a dissident rightist.

    Just want to clarify my position, as I agree with you re: Jesse Jackson, but that isn’t the point I am making. We defend the accused when the powers that be line up against them–be it the chap in France, Manning, Zimmerman, Snowden, Syria, Iran, Russia…

    It’s the same instinct, if the nature of the defense is subject to nuance when publishing a point.

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