You love Lincoln, don’t you?

You’d better – or Rich Lowry will tell everyone how “foul” and “rancid” you are. Those are the adjectives Lowry tosses at Thomas DiLorenzo for unmasking the crimes and treason of the 16th president. And Lowry makes it clear he considers anyone who has read DiLorenzo and questions the Lincoln Myth is part of a “small but foul pro-Confederacy strain on the right.”

Reading Lowry’s article, one can just smell the fear emanating from Lowry, a pundit who’s notorious for his tendency to run away from a fight while goading others to fight for him. Cowards often compensate by talking tough, and Lowry not only supported the invasion of Iraq, but the nuclear bombing of Mecca since the 9/11 conspirators were all Muslim. I can just see Richie Rich giggling in anticipation of thousands of innocent lives being snuffed out in the name of American Power.

I suspect what’s got Lowry so worked up is the steady progress folks like DiLorenzo have made in exposing Lincoln and the regime he founded. The ever-prescient Ed Sebesta hits the bull’s eye in his blog post when he says

What is interesting is that Lowry decided that this article needed writing. The anti-Lincoln campaign of the neo-Confederates has been going on for some time. I think this might be a sign that the anti-Lincoln campaign is going somewhere and the leadership of conservatism in America is beginning to get concerned.

Amen, Brother Sebesta! The concern is real because Lowry knows that exposing Lincoln exposes the Empire. The Lincoln Myth of the Great Liberator is the founding myth of the rogue global empire headquartered in DC today. That myth justifies the ruling elite’s power and privilege in the name of spreading freedom and democracy, terms we heard ad nauseum in the run-up to the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Lincoln’s role as the founder and model of today’s authoritarian American Empire isn’t just my idea. Here’s what Lowry himself wrote recently in an article entitled, “Lincoln Can Teach Us Today“:

The National Security Agency telephone and Internet surveillance program is similar to Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War act of suspending habeas corpus, National Review editor Rich Lowry tells Newsmax.

“When he did it initially, any reasonable person would think it was an appropriate measure because troops were coming down from the North at the beginning of the war when Washington was isolated and not protected, and they were stopped in Baltimore by mobs.”

However, many in Lincoln’s day believed the suspension went too far when it became almost a matter of routine, Lowry said.

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6 thoughts on “You love Lincoln, don’t you?

  1. Kirt Higdon

    The myths of the two great killer presidents, Lincoln and FDR, and of their two “good” wars are necessary to the ruling establishment of the evil empire to justify all the other killer presidents and their wars.

  2. RedPhillips

    Lowry is a lightweight, but he has never impressed me as a particularly hard-edged ideologue or as particularly nasty (by the standards of National Review neocons). It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t really write the attack piece reply. It’s not really his style unless there is some of his work I’m not familiar with. I wonder if someone wrote this for him, or if he had significant coaching. Or maybe he is just trying to sell his book. Or maybe the style of the pro-Lincoln fanatics is rubbing off on him now that he’s joined their ranks. My guess is that all or much of the Daily Beast reply is not his.

  3. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author

    Yes, Lowry’s a lightweight, but I’ve yet to read a Neocon with anything but the most rudimentary understanding of history, with the possible exception of VD Hanson.

    The article begins with

    The Rancid Abraham Lincoln-Haters of the Libertarian Right

    by Rich Lowry

  4. RedPhillips

    “The Rancid Abraham Lincoln-Haters of the Libertarian Right”

    Yeah, that’s my point. That isn’t really his style. He would normally be more conciliatory to his opponent, while still having his own dumb neocon opinion.

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe Lowry expressed a grudging respect for Patrick Buchanan in the past.

    In fact, the more I think about it, the more this whole Lincoln book project and using Lincoln to try to score political points today, strikes me as out of character. It wouldn’t surprise me if this whole Lincoln book project isn’t really his work and the thing was ghosted for him, likely by an identifiable Lincoln idolater or a committee of them.

  5. roho

    Lincoln worship is a lost cause in the South………….We will NEVER like Lincoln!…….He can eat shit run rabbits and die!

    For those in the South that understand history, there is no compromise!…………….He is the DEVIL!………..And, may he rot in HELL!

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