Evangelical Immigration Table in Pocket of George Soros

As we’ve noted already here at CHT, many “conservative” Christian leaders are essentially Cultural Marxists.  (See “On Christian Cultural Marxism. Russell Moore and other Useful Idiots“.)  For instance, many of these people now support the dispossession of European Americans and support the Third World invasion of the USA and other Western nations.

So, when it was leaked that the open-borders, anti-Western Evangelical Immigration Table (which includes “conservatives” like Richard Land, Russell Moore, Leith Anderson, et al) is funded by George Soros, I wasn’t surprised.  Some people I’ve talked to are surprised that EIT leadership lied about receiving the money, but I wasn’t.  These people are opportunistic scaliwags.  People should withhold tithing from any church in any way affiliated with these traitorous Christian Cultural Marxists.

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5 thoughts on “Evangelical Immigration Table in Pocket of George Soros

  1. Weaver

    The title of this should be:

    What does the Evangelical Immigration Table have in common with Femen?

    Both are funded by George Soros!

    Smiley face

  2. Chris Hewlett

    I haven’t seen the clip on any web-site yet, but Laura Ingraham nailed Bill O’Reilly’s hide to the barn door on the immigration issue last night on his show.

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