White House Down is Left-Wing Hollywood Propaganda

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen White House Down and intend to, then you may not want to read further. You have been warned.

I haven’t seen White House Down and don’t intend to. I never intended to because I just wasn’t that thrilled by the concept  and the trailers, but if I had intended to I wouldn’t now. It turns out that White House Down is blatant obnoxious left-wing propaganda (as opposed to the slightly less blatant left-wing propaganda Hollywood usually turn out.) The newly elected President is a Black man (Obama by another name) played by Jamie Foxx. Turns out the people trying to kill him are conservatives who are want to install the Republican Speaker of the House (John Boehner by another name) as President.

First of all, the idea that John “Crybaby” Boehner would have the balls to orchestrate a coup against the President is laughable. Second, how delusional and out of touch do Hollywood screen writers, producers, etc. have to be to think that this is a credible plot that movie audiences would flock to see? You wonder if they just said “Screw it, we’re going to make a propaganda piece that demonizes Republicans and damn the consequences,” or if they really were so insulated and deluded that they thought this was an idea that was credible and would sell.

Fortunately, the movie tanked. (Note: I think this link might change every week.) I don’t think it tanked just because of the political angle, which was largely unknown before the movie was released. It tanked partially because it’s concept was so similar to Olympus has Fallen which was released earlier this year and over performed at the box office. (BTW, Gerard Butler is also a more credible leading man than Channing Tatum who suffers the curse of the pretty boy.) But word of mouth has been horrible, and it has divided people politically if the IMDB message board is any indication.

Note to Hollywood writers, producers etc. The people who go see action movies are disproportionally Reds. You might want to consider not shoving your Blue sensibilities down their throats if you actually want them to see your movie.

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27 thoughts on “White House Down is Left-Wing Hollywood Propaganda

  1. Kirt Higdon

    The plot is indeed laughable and I had a good chuckle when I first read about it in TAC. The only thing more ridiculous than the idea of North Korean terrorists taking the White House is House Republican terrorists taking it, but the latter is apparently the fantasy fear of liberal Obamanites. That’s worth a lot of laughs, not a rant.

    I don’t know whether or not I’ll go to see WHD in the theater or leave it for Netflix. Sometimes I like to go out to a movie just to be doing so. I’ve already seen F&F6 and Now You See Me, and have no interest in the latest Superman, Brad Pitt winning WWZ, or whatever else is out there. So if I go to the cinema at all this week or month, it will probably be to see the action-comedy WHD.

  2. RedPhillips Post author

    “That’s worth a lot of laughs, not a rant.”

    But rants are so much more emotionally fulfilling.

  3. Weaver

    Great post. I hadn’t heard of either movie, but glad to read White House Down failed.

    “Note to Hollywood writers, producers etc. The people who go see action movies are disproportionally Reds.”

    Really, it’d be best they didn’t figure that out. Better they went broke. It’s fully possible to direct the propaganda in such a way that Reds still like it and are brainwashed.

    It sounds like White House Down targeted the wrong market.

  4. Sempronius

    Pardon the interruption: I left a comment on the latest post by S. Trifcovic at Chronicles Magazine. It is in moderation, and in the event it doesn’t get approved I would like to leave a record of it here. In the event I am denied comment privileges at CM, I will instead attempt to refute Trifcovic’s latest abomination on this site with the kind permission of it’s moderators.

    Here is the comment:

    Before I write a refutation of this misleading, confused (and at time confusing) fandango I would like some sort of guarantee that my efforts will not be in vain, and that my response will see the light of day.

    Ao Sergio! Sei davvero una chiavica! Tanti auguroni da parte mia!

    In the meantime, perhaps “Sauron” (you know who you are) can approve this comment, review the video below and possibly provide a synopsis of it for his loyal fans.


    Many thanks.

  5. roho

    I perceive Hollywood as nothing more than a Zionist propaganda machine, that works to help sale citizens, that there is an arab terrorist under each of our beds.

  6. thaddeus

    Hollywood is definitely ground zero of The Synagogue (our Cultural-Marxist establishment), no question.

    However, someone earlier mentioned the new Superman movie, and I have to say, I found Man of Steel to be quite enjoyable. It is definitely the most explicitly Christ-like depiction of Superman yet made. Nolan and Snyder are two of the very few gentile conservatives working in Hollywood today, and it shows in the film.

    It has a serious, almost solemn tone, very much for adults, not just kiddies — unlike, say, the ’70s Superman films, which are basically kiddie comedies, if you look back at them now.


  7. Sempronius

    As I expected, my comment was not approved.

    If anyone is interested I’ll make good my promise, if not I’ll save it for another time.

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  9. Sempronius


    I don’t comment there anymore. I left a few comments on the D Venner suicide thread a while back, plus one on a Trifkovic abomination at the same time. I only tried to comment on “Tricky’s” latest abortion because it was exceptionally bad.

    With those recent exceptions I haven’t attempted a comment there in 2-3 years.

    The Troll Sauron was refering to is Michael Kenny; I caught site of his post before the Dark Lord of Mordor took it down. Mine never saw the light of day.

  10. thaddeus

    I have to say, the Chronicles comment-approval policy is a joke. It’s just one of the reasons why the site has faded into irrelevance.

    A while back I posted a very mild disagreement with something Trifcovic mentioned in an interview with a Hungarian politician who was critical of Jobbik. I pointed out that frankly, Jobbik is the best political party in Europe today, Golden Dawn notwithstanding, and I suggested way.

    Comment never saw the light of day.

    Back when, I remember Trifcovic taking umbrage with a few thoughts that Richard Hoste mentioned at Alt Right — and by umbrage, I mean snooty condescension.

    I’m sure that Trifcovic has written many fine things, but he could stand a little more disagreement among people who are basically on his side — as could Chronicles as a whole.

    Then again, American Conservative is even worse than Chronicles at comment approval, so the venues for discussion on the trad Right are few.

    One reason, frankly, why CHT is commendable.

  11. CP

    We can win the culture war. We just have to have the will to fight back. A major force for evil is this guy Channing Tatum. Conservatives and all people of good will need to rally against this scumbag. He will try to assault common decency again with his slimy, sleazeball porno, magic mike 2. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT TAKE THIS ANY LONGER. We have to rally against this smut magnate. All it takes for evil like this to triumph –oh, how true the cliche is–is simply for good people to do nothing. We have a lot of work to do to win the culture war: let’s get to work!

  12. Weaver


    Richard Hoste would detest Trads like Trifkovic, as well as humble me. Hoste and I have directly antithetical goals and views, with nothing in common (not hyperbole).

    Edit: This isn’t my thread, so I removed off topic commentary.

  13. thaddeus

    To be fair, I’m not versed in all of Hoste’s work. I only recall that in that one particular back-and-forth Trifkovic was in the wrong and Hoste in the right.

    Trifkovic is hit and miss for me.

  14. Weaver

    I’m not a perfect fit with Trifkovic. You have to remember he’s Serbian, and they were persecuted during WWII.

    I don’t oppose Islam as strongly as does he either, which is not to say I like it invading Europe.

  15. Weaver

    I dunno that he’d moderate his own comments at Chronicles. Few years ago, Chronicles had an issue of being flooded from the more popular racial right. And I think they disliked the association.

    So, perhaps it’s taken to censorship.

    Anyway it’s a wonderful site, very deep, regardless. It’s unique, one-of-a-kind. I don’t go there lately much, but I remember it fondly.

  16. RedPhillips Post author

    Semp, it might help if your comment wasn’t so preemptively belligerent. Calling Dr. Fleming Sauron isn’t really the way to go about getting your post published, and I suspect you know that.

  17. RedPhillips Post author

    “Then again, American Conservative is even worse than Chronicles at comment approval, so the venues for discussion on the trad Right are few.”

    Thaddeus, I haven’t had too much problem at AmCon so far. IIRC, the few comments that haven’t been approved were when I was either taking a shot at the Magazine itself or one of the other commenters. I’ve actually been surprised a few times at what has gotten through.

  18. RedPhillips Post author

    “so the venues for discussion on the trad Right are few.

    One reason, frankly, why CHT is commendable.”

    Thanks. Now tell your friends to come on over.

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  21. thaddeus

    Well, try saying something that is anything short of outright philo-Semitic at TAC and see what happens.

    A while back, Dreher posted about the Joe Biden speech in which the VP identified Jews and the Jewish media as the reason why gay marriage has passed and why abortion became accepted. Even in the title of his article about Biden’s comments, Dreher stated that he wouldn’t be “deleting more comments than approving” if they were “anti-Semitic” — except it turned out that “anti-Semitic” meant any comments that were, not just critical of the Jews (even mildly), but even any comments that confirmed Biden’s own contention.

    It was utterly ridiculous.

  22. Sempronius

    Weaver & Thad,

    Here’s a little glimpse of what Tricky is really all about, and, by implication, MORDOR MAG:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “From a political perspective, paleoconservatives like Gottfried did us all a service in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s by warning us of the dangers the neocons posed for America, warnings that were borne out when the neocons hijacked American foreign policy during the Bush Administration and involved America in a disastrous war with Iraq. In this regard, Gottfried was ahead of his time when he writes:

    By the late ‘70s I noticed with growing discomfort the unalterably leftist sensibilities of many neoconservative journalists and social scientists. . . . Such characteristic views of theirs as attachment ot the anti-Soviet Left, a fixation on Christian anti-Semitism, and a raging hatred of Germans, Russians, and white Southerners, it dawned on me that I was looking at a mere variation on those usual opinions that could be found in the New York Review of Books and the New Republic (p. 37).

    Then mysteriously the paleocon movement switched horses in mid-stream and started beating the drum against “Islamofascism” in a way that rendered it indistinguishable from Commentary or the Weekly Standard. I remember attending a Chronicles conference and listening to a talk by Srdja Trifkovic on the threat which Islam posed to the West. In the question and answer period following the talk I said, “I can understand your feelings toward Islam. If I were a Serb, I would feel the same way. But America has never been threatened by Islam, and the only reason we are threatened now is because of our support of Israel.”

    Afterward Trifkovic admitted what I said was true, but he then added, “You can’t say that sort of thing in public.”


    - See more at: http://www.chroniclesmagazine.org/2013/05/23/9072/#sthash.NGTFkHkh.dpuf

  23. Sempronius


    Pettifogging is not the real reason certain comments aren’t approved. The contributors of MORDOR MAG are themselves plenty hostile in their articles . But they can’t defend themselves in free and open debate.

    P.S. A small example of where Tricky goes wrong in his latest outburst of flatulence. The British were NOT in favor of a united Italy and Garibaldi’s expedition. They even tried to prevent his crossing the Straights of Messina. (By the way Tricky says G first landed at Messina–he actually began his campaign at Marsala, clear across the island.)

    The British didn’t want a potentially strong unified state sitting athwart their sea route to India. This was made especially important by the then recently completed (1854) Suez Canal.

    What the Brits had in mind was the severing of Sicily from Naples, whose king was Austrophile (the queens of Naples were commonly Habsburgs, and the army was traditionally staffed by Austrian mercenaries and officers) in an attempt to weaken the southern kingdom and diminish Austrian Catholic authority.

    Like the American colonists, Cavour and Garibaldi played off various rival powers against one another to achieve their freedom from them all.

  24. Weaver

    Chronicles probably just doesn’t want more pressure than it already gets.

    There’s a difference between avoiding PC topics and pushing propaganda.

    I’ve seen Dr. Wilson defend slavery there, lol. It does plenty enough. I don’t personally like slavery, no; but that’s perhaps the only place on the web one will find a scholar do so.

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