L’Affaire Zimmerman, Again

As times before, the modern Baptist/Bootlegger coalition emerges again with the trial of George Zimmerman.  Rumors that a riot will come if Zimmerman is not found guilty, come from the money grubbing agents of the local security services--ever looking for a payoff.  The race hustlers are assuredly looking for a payoff as well, or the mob gets unleashed–or not, it’s all acting to try and get some coin.  The Rent-A-Mob beckons to serve “higher” purpose, be it in Egypt or Florida.

I wrote on the case in April of 2012, that Zimmerman would be railroaded, but there is “happy” talk, after a ridiculous trial so far, that Zimmerman will be acquitted.

American Hard Right dissidents, of whatever persuasion, recognized right away that this was a case of self-defense that called our attention–not just an apathetic, who cares, but engagement–without regard to who Zimmerman might be, where he came from, what his DNA says.  Tales of American “materialism” would have to be put on hold.

A similar effect, though slower developing I might add, has occurred with Snowden (are we harder on our own, or what?) as the dissidents from many persuasions, now Right and Left, follow his case.

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2 thoughts on “L’Affaire Zimmerman, Again

  1. roho

    To not follow this story, is like playing golf with a hurricane coming ashore. The flash mob attacks at fairs and festivals of a year ago was testing the water. It will be hot, humid, and violent. All Governors should be looking at the true reason for the National Guard………..I think it will get ugly, and “Jury Nullification” is the future of the US Judicial System.

  2. roho

    Facts Of The US Justice System:

    1. Judge Debra “Steinberg” Nelson is a politician, elected by the people as a Circuit Court Judge. Above justice, or any other smokescreen, “Re-Election” defines her success in her job. This makes her part of the apparatus of a political machine, and she works with other Government workers towards a common goal. (Attorney General, prosecutors, bailiffs, clerks, etc, etc.)

    2. Defense Attorneys are “Small Business Owners”, working within this system under the pretense that “Free Enterprise” is still functioning, and the constitution is relevant?

    3. The once “Police Chief” that was white, is gone. He has been replaced by a “NEW” Black Police Chief. (Since the shooting.) Political Correctness rules the day.

    4. Seminole County is running about 11% African Americans, yet the city of Sanford is about 30% + African Americans. (Politicians need that 30% voting black, I mean voting block?)

    5. Sanford Florida is already “ABOVE” the national crime rate average.

    Like all of Government, all Gubmint workers are kicking the can down the road, to the next level to save their jobs. Re-Election is slim if the race-baters show up and riots begin…………….Non Government lives are irrelevant!

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