The PC Thought Police Go After Jack Hunter (a.k.a. the Southern Avenger)

The Cultural Marxist PC Thought Police are frothing at the mouth again. They’ve identified a new thoughtcriminal for their Two Minutes Hate, Jack Hunter, a.k.a. the Southern Avenger.

Here is the Washington Free Beacon fatwa … err … article that got the jihad started. When I first heard rumblings that the PC Gestapo was going after Jack, I suspected the author might be the loathsome PC enforcer Jamie Kirchick, but it wasn’t. It’s some writer I’ve never heard of named Alana Goodman. Here is Goodman’s bio per the Free Beacon:

Alana Goodman is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. Prior to joining the Beacon, she was assistant online editor at Commentary (neocon alert!). She has written for the Weekly Standard, the New York Post and the Washington Examiner. Goodman graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2010, and lives in Washington, D.C. Her Twitter handle is @alanagoodman. Her email address is

Jonathan Chait picked up on the story here. Chait isn’t someone I normally associate with this type of PC Thought Enforcement campaign (I could be wrong), but this drive by smear job is inexcusable. He says this:

But his son and progeny Rand Paul also has a close aide who is a huge racist, reports Alana Goodman.

A “huge racist?” Actually Chait, Goodman isn’t even shameless enough to say that in so many words even though her “article” is a transparent PC/neocon rightthink enforcement hitpiece. (I say neocon in addition to PC because she heavily focuses on foreign policy and highlights among other things his belief that the nuking of Japanese civilians was unjustified.)

Salon piles on here.

What’s noteworthy about the Goodman piece is just how lame the allegations are. Anyone who has followed Jack’s career at all knows that he is pro-South and supports the right of secession. As Dave Weigle points out in a semi-snarky pile on of his own, this is not news, but the PC Rightthink Enforcers thinks this is a scandalous revelation. Beyond that she presents a laundry list of statements and policy positions that are supposed to scandalize all decent rightthinkers. I could defend each of Hunter’s statements individually, but I don’t have time for that now. In general, taken together the quotes and positions place Hunter in an identifiable paleocon/paleolibertarian sphere, but there is nothing here that is not routine opinion in those circles and each individual opinion can be found in mainstream conservatism as well.

Looked at as objectively as I can as an interested co-combatant, the thing that might be most shocking to the ears that the Rightthink Enforcers are aiming to prick is his use of the word terrorism to describe the nuking of Japanese civilians and his comparison of that act to 9/11. (FTR, I don’t think terrorism is the right word to describe our use of nukes against the Japanese civilian population. It is needlessly inflamatory and isn’t really an accurate word choice. It is more accurate to describe it as a war crime, but that is for a separate thread.) Beyond that Hunter is accused of saying that there is a double standard against whites. Other races can celebrate their race but whites can’t celebrate theirs. Well no duh! This is a thoroughly mundane and unarguable observation. He’s also acused of saying our foreign policy in the Middle East is influenced by Israel. Is there anyone who seriously denies this? In fact, the interventionist at the Free Beacon celebrate this as right and good. He is excoriated for suggesting that immigration alters the culture. Again, no duh! Does anyone seriously deny this? In fact, immigration boosters celebrate the fact that immigration brings about change in the culture. You know, that whole “Diversity is our greatest strength” mantra.

I could go on, but you get the point. Unfortunately, Jack concedes too much in what was I’m sure a damage control interview with the Free Beacon. Those of us who have followed Hunter’s career for a while have recognized that he has become more politically pragmatic over the years, thus his defense of some of Rand Paul’s misguided concessions. But I have always hoped that that old self-described “right-wing radical” still lurked beneath the surface. But this is not the time to criticize Hunter. Now is the time to defend him against the baying PC Rightthink mob. They’ll be time for dragging him fully back into the fold once the PC Enforcers have been called out for their rightthink policing shenanigans.

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20 thoughts on “The PC Thought Police Go After Jack Hunter (a.k.a. the Southern Avenger)

  1. thaddeus

    No points for guessing Alana Goodman’s ethnicity.

    Yet another scalp for the Synagogue.

  2. thaddeus

    Oh, and the Kristol angle doubles the ethnic layer to this story. But then, that tribal supremacy has always been behind the war of the Neocons against true traditionalists.

  3. Jared

    I’m sure groveling to the anti-Whites will save him, just like it worked for Paula Deen.

  4. RedPhillips Post author

    Semp, must every thread be an occasion to ax grind about Chronicles? Notice that I criticize people, magazines, organizations etc. for what they do say that I object to, not what I want them to say that they don’t. It’s a much fairer standard.

  5. thaddeus

    By the way, Red, bravo to you for at least saying something at The American Liberal (formerly The American Conservative). But McCarthy’s responses is just pathetic. What makes a supposed “conservative” knuckle under to the Cultural Marxist zeitgeist? Has he really been brainwashed? Or is it a case that he has to say that he loves Big Brother in order to keep getting a cheque from TAC?

    I swear, his response sounds like one of those people in that old Twilight Zone episode where everyone nervously says, “It’s good that that happened” whenever the little boy with omniscient powers does something monstrous — for fear that the boy-dictator will wish them “into the cornfield” (i.e., into oblivion).

  6. thaddeus

    Okay, here’s what I submitted to TAC. Let’s see if it gets approved. (And I didn’t even mention the Synagogue aspect, for heaven’s sake.)

    - – - -

    Daniel, with respect, your comments are straight out of the postcolonialist (i.e, Marxist) handbook. Whites can’t express their ethnicity? That’s flat-out anti-white racism. Nothing less.

    The idea that present-day whites have to effectively move to the back of the bus because the Cultural Marxists have opportunistically constructed a narrative of the past is ludicrous.

    “Historical status” doesn’t do a young man who happens to be white a bit of good when he’s discriminated against, when trying to get a job or to get into the school of his choice. It also doesn’t do society any good to let incompetents into schools or jobs in place of more qualified individuals, just because those qualified candidates happen to have white skin.

    To say that whites are “not afforded the same right to celebrate their own cultural identity” is not a “clueless” statement — it’s a statement of obvious fact, and it’s confirmed precisely by thsi neocon hit piece on Hunter.

    The Cultural Marxists are using a narrative of oppression in the past to exact real discrimination today — against whites — and worse, to slander the heritage of all European-Americans. I’m glad that Hunter, at least for a time, gave voice to this grim reality.

  7. Thomas O. Meehan

    The descent of TAC into political, philosophical hermaphroditism is sickening. It’s good to see you commenting.

    Personally, I just don’t bother to comment on Dreher’s Blog anymore. It’s not worth the back and forth with his pathetic fan club. He also lacks personal character in my view, using the blog as a self promotion vehicle. He once called me out regarding a comment I made. I immediately researched the point of contention and wrote a carefully documented clarification, showing that he had relied on erroneous material in challenging my assertion. He never dealt with matter, having moved on to more of his breathless Crunchycon scribbling.

    TAC’s general comments policy is also bizarre and a bit dishonest.
    Authors in the main section are no longer allowed to moderate comments on their own blogs. This leads to the situation where you can write a comment fully in accordance with the author’s point, but never see it in print. This holds true even in instances where the author wants your comment to show. I’ve had several of mine censored in this way. They contained no threats, slanders or other objectionable content.

    I can’t bring myself to comment on Millman’s Blog either. He has no business writing there, even if the Ron Unz management team invited him.

  8. Matt Weber

    Yes McCarthy’s response to you was bad, and not just because he disagrees. I know he wants to get invited to all the good parties, but he could at least pretend to think about these things.

  9. Rollo

    I won’t waste any tears on Jack Hunter, a man who had already gone over to the left years ago. He is getting what he deserves.

  10. HarrisonBergeron2


    I am also disappointed, but I understand what Jack was going through. He was attempting to work within the system.

    The lesson I’m drawing from this is that the system is so corrupt and insular that no deviation from approved thought can be permitted. Of course, this only hastens the system’s demise — without input from the outside world, it will be unable to deal with problems.

  11. Tomás

    “without input from the outside world, it will be unable to deal with problems”

    Fully agree. Very systemic / Boydian of you, Harrison.

  12. Sempronius


    Message received loud and clear. I don’t think I was being unfair, but you’re the boss.

  13. RedPhillips

    Semp, I take pride in the fact that CHT allows almost all conversations, but Dr. Fleming recently gave me an opportunity to write something for the magazine which I very much appreciate. Allowing this site to become a forum to complain about Chronicles would show ingratitude on my part.

  14. Neal Murray

    “not just kinda bigoted in an uncomfortable, old-guy sort of way”

    Not to be too gossipy, but this was probably a back-of-the-mind reference to Marty Peretz, the famously “racist” (certainly anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, and anti-black in the respectable “New York” intellectual way) former owner of the New Republic who was also Chait’s boss. Chait is kind of funny and pretty smart in either case, but he has never dealt with this contradiction in an honest way, so he definitely loses some points on the hypocrisy scale.

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