More Jack Hunter Thoughts and Reactions

Here is an article at VDARE on the Jack Hunter smear campaign. It’s good because it links to a lot of the sites that picked up the story, but the author, Alexander Hart, pretty much throws Hunter under the bus on account of Rand’s backtracking on the immigration issue.

Here is Hunter’s own statement. It’s pretty much a disaster. Hunter goes into full backpedal and placate mode. This is highly unfortunate. First, the PC Beast can not be placated. Just ask Jason Richwine. Just ask Paula Deen. The PC Beast must be resisted head on. Second, whenever you say some version of “I’m not a racist” you have already lost because you have conceded the other sides terms. Third, as I wrote yesterday, nothing in these revelations is really that damaging. Some of it is rather mundane. Just explain yourself forcefully without backpedalling or dodging.

That said, I do not think that now is the time to attack Jack for backpedalling. Here is what I posted on Facebook:

I am disappointed that Jack Hunter has chosen to backtrack and concede to the PC Rightthink Police rather than fight back, but that said, now is not the time for anti-PC forces to attack Jack. Now is the time for us to attack the PC Beast that is attacking him. We can attempt to drag Jack back to paleodom after we have countered the PC Cultural Marxists Gestapo.
I felt the need to say that because some folks have gone after Jack pretty hard for his backpedalling.
and Michael Hill (via Hunter Wallace)
I’ll explain why I think overly attacking Jack Hunter (as opposed to expressing disappointment), is unhelpful at this point in a separate post.
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17 thoughts on “More Jack Hunter Thoughts and Reactions

  1. C Bowen/Hawthorne


    Before we go further with this theme–is this a real story? I mean, does anybody care what the Kristols and Jen Rubin think?

    Jack isn’t a heel anymore, total face.

    Snowden becomes a Prisoner; Jack Hunter renounced his past theater and grovels some more. I could have written a script for Jack to work with–namely operating during a time period when an insane and illegal war was going on that was killing his countrymen–yet he didn’t even try to take the moral high ground against something he must have known was coming.

    Sure, I’ll run to the sound of the guns, but Jack has to offer something to work with.

  2. Thomas O. Meehan

    I used to listen to Hunter’s podcasts at Altright. I liked them in general and have a hard time being offended at his The South Will Rise again point of view. Even as a Pennsylvanian I can agree with it. States should have the option of leaving the Union. Southerners have a right to preserve their culture.

    We’ve all been disappointed by conservatives who abandon principle.

    One thing we need to consider here is that Hunter is no longer a free pundit/commentator. He works directly for an elected public official who is engaged in electoral politics. The old saying went, “If you take the King’s shilling, you wear the King’s coat. Now electoral politics is a messy imperfect business. It involves compromise and it entails picking ones battles. This does not include lying about one’s beliefs. But Hunter is just a foot soldier in the Rand’s army. I can respect Hunter for trying to get the focus off himself. You cannot be a help to the boss if you are personally in the news. It is Rand’s policies and beliefs that should be the our focus. I hope he keeps Hunter on, if for no other reason than to prove he won’t be pushed around. And to hell with the Neocons and all their works.

  3. Jack ryan

    I agree that we should counter attack the apC thought police on this one. Yes, we wish Jack Hunter wasn’t back pedaling, crying that “he wasn’t really racist” and that he know loves Big Brother, thinks MLK was a saint, welcomes mass third world immigration provided some free market reforms are enacted, but, well he’s trying to keep a $ job.

    I have been a leader in the Alternative Right, race realist world exposing the immigration treason of Ron Paul, Rand Paul and also exposing the terrible race denying cult of American Libertarianism.

    That said, we shouldn’t join the likes of Jewish Lesbian cultural Marxists like Rachiel Maddow in crucifying a regular White southern guy.

    It’s a rough world. We should look in the mirror and ask ourselves how well we will do when the full force of Stalinesque anti White show trials come down on us and the whole BRA, MSM, ADL, SPLC, Neo Conservative system power elite screams “RACIST”, “he’s a witch, burn him”.

    Jack Ryan

  4. RedPhillips Post author

    BTW, Harrison and I must have been writing our posts at the same time. His post was not up when I started writing my post, but was up when I posted it. My post is not in response to his. I am not commenting on the utility of working “within the system.” My post is about the utility of anti-PC conservatives attacking Jack for backpedalling at this time.

  5. thaddeus

    That said, we shouldn’t join the likes of Jewish Lesbian cultural Marxists like Rachiel Maddow in crucifying a regular White southern guy.

    Well said, and I think Red’s point is the right one.

    Always save the big ammo for the real enemy – the Synagogue and its secular rabbis.

    Remember: they’re not attacking the Jack Hunter of today, they’re attacking the Southern Avenger of yesterday. The views he expressed then are ours (broadly) and are worth defending. Because they were right — indeed, as has been said, actually quite mild.

  6. Weaver

    Anyway, I’m sorry to hear the Southern Avenger is being attacked.

    He seems like a genuinely nice guy.

    A point Southerners used to argue was against total war such as the nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was too similar to the burning of Atlanta, Columbia, etc.

    And in a similar vein, I think it’s expected that Jack Hunter would oppose an immoral foreign policy in the Middle East.

  7. Weaver

    If Hunter has fully become Libertarian though, which I can believe; then it just proves to me the error of conservatives getting so friendly with Libertarians.

    International Capitalism vs. International Socialism: I’ll stand with the national, even if our economics are fuzzy at times.

    Warren Buffet though has made a solid criticism of capitalism in saying those who inherit great fortunes tend to lack their parents’ ability, which makes them inefficient managers of the capital. More than that though, I think it’s preferred to have a society that values something higher than money.

  8. Neal Murray

    I agree with Phillips and Meehan on this score. Look, I am sure everyone here knows political correctness is evil and thats its various enforcers will never be appeased. How could it be appease? The whole mentality is based, at bottom, on a hatred for people who are too white, too normal, too straight, too male, too right-wing, too christian- you know, actual Americans.

    But there are sometimes other principles at stake. Is working “within the system” a good idea? I doubt it, but honorable gentleman can disagree. Hunter is just showing loyalty to his boss. Its easy to sit in the internet cheap seats calling for someone in public life to commit professional martyrdom. While this kind of backpedaling is hard to watch, I like Jack Hunter and can understand the difficulty of his position.

  9. Savrola

    I have no sympathy for Hunter, but bear in mind that you too Red, would grovel just as quickly, if you were in his shoes.

  10. HarrisonBergeron2

    Strange — after reading the above insult aimed at the host of this site, I feel compelled to renounce all blogging and start organizing a Rand Paul for President committee.

    And all this time I thought Savrola was a cowardly troll with delusions of grandeur…

  11. Savrola

    Colonel, anytime anyplace, anywhere.

    Red’s posturing and your posturing about politics is no different from your armchair comments about the MMA fights you like to watch.
    It’s all b.s. from the peanut gallery.

    Issue of your choice, debate in person or on radio.

    If you prefer the gloves, just let me know.

    Get in the ring.

  12. HarrisonBergeron2

    “Issue of your choice, debate in person or on radio.”

    Here’s one:

    “Should unaccomplished beta males with no prospect of mating be allowed to post anonymous comments on political web sites?”

  13. RedPhillips Post author

    “bear in mind that you too Red, would grovel just as quickly, if you were in his shoes.”

    How do you think you know that? Perhaps the reason that I’m not an aide to a Senator and am instead talking about third parties on a blog is because I refuse to play the game. I am actually quite unwilling to concede rhetorical points for the sake of political expediency which is why I wasn’t happy about Rand’s rhetorical concessions even if they might not have made practical differences (the Israel security guarantee for example). So I can say quite assuredly and think the evidence demonstrates that I will never be the aide of a Senator, but if I was and the PC mob attacked I would not intellectually concede.

  14. Alexander Hart

    Thanks for the blog.

    For the record, it was not my intention to “throw Jack Hunter under the bus.”

    I am not, however going to jump in front of the bus to save him.

    I explcitly said that the attacks against him were groundless and I don’t want him to lose his job.

    My point is that whatever they may secretly think or once thought, Hunter, both pauls, and the “Liberty Movement” are promoting the wrong policies on race and immigration issues, so frankly, I don’t see them as our allies.

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