Srdja Trifkovic on the CIS Study

“The CIS study presents us with the fruits of the unholy alliance between capitalist greed and cultural-Marxist revolutionaries. Messrs. Bush, Cheney and their ilk have joined the ghost of Herbert Marcuse in facilitating the creation of the repressively-tolerant multi-ethnic Global Empire. While ostensibly based on the principles of free-market capitalism and liberal democracy, the emerging monstrosity is objectively an ally of the revolution desired by Gramsci’s disciples…. The resulting mutt post-nation is the fulfillment of the Frankfurt School dream not only because it is inevitably a partner in the “creative destruction” of the old order—which is the objective of the Mussolinian neocon Michael Ledeen—but also because it contains the germ of another form of globalization: the counter-Empire that will be made possible by demographic change within the West. Edward Gibbon could have been writing of today’s Malmo or New Jersey when he wrote of late-Imperial Rome, its inhabitants sinking “into a vile and wretched populace, which must, in a few generations, have been totally extinguished, if it had not been constantly recruited by the manumission of slaves and the influx of strangers.”” ~ Srdja Trifkovic

This is very true.  But I wonder whether capitalism has reached a phase where it no longer can sustain tradition (not that it ever really did a good job at it previously, but it least it was tempered by religious, regional and ancestral loyalties), and itself has become the harbinger of radical change.  Modern capitalism better facilitates multi-ethnic and multi-cultural transformation than perhaps any system in the history of Man.  While CEOs make a fast buck from cheap labor, the Third World hordes and their overlords sack the West of its posterity and live off its fat.  What are conservatives today (i.e. those who wish to preserve themselves and their ancestral obligations) to do?

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9 thoughts on “Srdja Trifkovic on the CIS Study

  1. roho

    ST………………..I have lived 2 lives.(One deeply intrenched in collective bargaining and the AFLCIO) and the (Other with 20 years in the Corporate World.)…..I appose GLOBALISM as I understand it, and also realize that the Unions have been reined in “enough”, sence the Reagan War with the Air Traffic controlers…………….Corporate “Greed” has truely shown it’s ugly face with no respect for any tradition, nationality, or reverence. I watched in person as the “Civil Rights” movement destroyed collective bargaining with what was called “across the board raises”!………….I can still hear the loud voices in the Union hall screaming, “My pork chop cause jus as much as yo pork chop!”………………What I do not understand however, is where the voice of collective bargaining is today? Traditional Loyalist like Ted Kennedy wish for unlimmited immigration as well as the Globalist!…….How does “LABOR” sell these candidates to their rank and file?

    The pendelum of wealth distribution has certainly swung back to the Elite. When Reagan came into office there were 13 billionares in the U.S.A……..When he left 8 years later, there were 99. (And a new form of fuedal system had begun)………Is this the Class Warfare that Huckabee is trying to tap into?

  2. Jan Rogozinski

    Throughout human history, Capitalism always has been the worst enemy of societal traditions, destroying families, nations, civilisations, and peoples .

    Marx said so. But so also have all the Roman Catholic popes since 1890. See The Remnant web site.
    And many, perhaps most, Protestant theologians agreed.

    It’s only since Nixon’s dirty tricks, that there has been an unholy alliance between global greed and preachers who either are lying or who never have read the Scriptures.

    Jesus condemned endless greed for money, as did all the early Christian theologians. Especially good is Saint John Chrysostom preaching on the rich.

    In other words, the Reverend Huckster is a lying fraud. Ron Paul is hate only conservative in the Republican race. (For example, he wants to cut taxes for everyone, not merely for the top 10%. And he also wants to dnd Nafta and other unfair trade agreements.) But we all already knew that.

    Somewhere recently I read that CEO compensation had gone up 800% in the last ten or fifteen years, while pay to employees actually has gone down during the same period.

  3. Weaver

    It’ll reach the stage where it’s unstable and investors won’t be confident in investing if things continue.

    Hopefully there’ll either be a counterrevolution before it crumbles or something will be left to rise from its ashes.

    While CEOs make a fast buck from cheap labor, the Third World hordes and their overlords sack the West of its posterity and live off its fat.

    There’s yet another wealth redistribution in addition to America-last trade and mass immigration: higher environmental regulations applied to first world nations.

    I’m all for saving the environment, and conservatives embracing libertarian positions on the environment either out of an inability to conceive an alternative or out of a knee jerk reaction to “Marxism” is not what I propose. However, there are ways to deal with pollution without putting America last in yet another way. Hopefully this will lead to an political environment more favorable to a reaction.

    Jan Rogozinski,

    isn’t it ironic that “conservatives” today embrace policies that destroy what they wish to save?

  4. Andrew T.


    Nope. Try harder.

    We’re not living under capitalism. The system we have is definitely a mixed market, with lots of corporate welfare.

    What do you intend to replace it with, a dictatorship if the proletariat?

  5. Andrew T.


    Capitalism does not have to be connected with greed. Remember that capitalism is an ideal — no country really has a free and untaxed market, and though we’re closer to a capitalist market than most other nations in the world, we remain distant from one.

    It’s hard for me to stop laughing at the irony of an extreme anti-capitalist endorsing the Presidential run of an extreme pro-capitalist (Ron Paul).

  6. Lindy's Revenge

    Conservatives have wasted too much time defending capitalism, which can be just as much of a threat to family, culture, tradition as communism. It is the idea of private property that conservatives defend, and rightly so, but that is not necessarily synonymous with capitalism.

    Sam Francis was particulary poignant about this. If you think about it, the cultural Marxists are only there to serve money in the first place. Who bankrolls the cultural Marxists in academia, in print, in the media? The same economic system that exports jobs, and imports them as well. It is simply a survival mechanism for today’s managerial power structure, to pathologize white males and Euro-Christian culture, to neutralize working-to-middle class resistance to its exploitative policies.

  7. Andrew T.

    Lindy’s Revenge,

    Capitalism is simply a market based on private property. Many of you attach stigmas to capitalism that are unnecessary.

    Sam Francis was an anti-capitalist because he didn’t know squat about economics. I’m afraid I have to say it this directly.

  8. Elizabeth Wright

    “Throughout human history, Capitalism always has been the worst enemy of societal traditions, destroying families, nations, civilisations, and peoples . … also have all the Roman Catholic popes since 1890. … And many, perhaps most, Protestant theologians agreed.”


    As recently as the 1950s, church pastors, who certainly were not leftwing in their sentiments, preached against unmitigated greed, obsession with materialism, and gluttony. Christ and the moneychangers was a popular theme, along with the dispossession of Christmas in favor of mindless gift giving. Preachers did not consider it anti-capitalist or un-American to warn their congregations about going overboard, while falling into the secular world’s consumption habits.

    Jan, thanks for the observations on the trend changes around Nixon’s time.

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