60′s radicals in business suits

Imagine the bomb-throwers of the 1960′s won. Imagine for a moment they got everything they wanted. Everything. Total victory would mean not only that the institutions of power fell into their hands, but that people’s minds had been revolutionized as well. Not only would the notion of resisting the Revolution be unthinkable, but the intellectual foundations of that Revolution had been bored into people’s heads as inescapable and basic.

Well, guess what? It happened.

If you doubt that, just recall what 60′s radicals wanted. They wanted power, power to overthrow a nation and people they despised. Their cause was enthusiastically embraced by Hollywood, which portrayed radicals as courageous idealists motivated by justice. The depth of hatred for the middle class and the South, the cultural bedrock of America, was reflected in such movies as Joe and Easy Rider.

The 60′s radicals’ intellectual roots arose from the work of Herbert Marcuse, who influenced Angela Davis and Abbie Hoffman. Marcuse modified Marxism for a new generation of revolutionaries. Like Antonio Gramsci, Marcuse understood that society could not be transformed through the working class, which, contrary to orthodox Marxism, was not a revolutionary force, but a bedrock of social conservatism and Christian faith. There could be no political revolution without a “march through the culture. ”

Therefore, the seizure of power could only be accomplished by undermining the cultural norms that held traditional society together, including Christianity, the family, and the established demographics from which national loyalty and cohesion depended.

Marcuse used his impressive political and scholarly connections to kick-start his revolution. During World War II, he worked for the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA. After the war, he taught philosophy and politics at Columbia, Harvard, Brandeis, and the University of California, converting his many students and associates to his “New Left ” revolution.

Subversion from within, by hijacking traditional institutions and utilizing them for revolutionary purposes, has done more to promote the radical agenda than all the Weatherman bombs ever could. Universities, originally founded to spread Christian theology, are now fortresses of Marcusian Political Correctness. The heirs of Marcuse and his many followers now control all the major news, educational, and political institutions. It is they who are mainstream, and we are left on the outside taking fire.

So thoroughly has the new ruling elite perverted our institutions that even the so-called “conservative ” movement is waging war on the heartland. Mainstream conservatives (now called “Neocons” to distinguish them from traditional conservatives) have taken up the radicals’ agenda of waging unending, uncompromising war on America’s core components, namely, the middle class and its values. The reason is that Neocons are not conservatives at all, but big-government radicals who worship the raw exercise of power. They invoke the name of Burke while promoting the ideology of Trotsky. But like a serial murderer on CSI, they have left an unmistakable trail of evidence which reveals the truth about them, which is summarized here.

By their own words, Neocons hold the opposite values of conservatives such as Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and Richard Weaver, who grasped that social and political rights arise naturally from a stable cultural tradition, rather than from the minds of social engineers. Paleoconservatives, then, maintain that customs, traditions, and heritage must be preserved and vigorously defended.

Neocons, on the other hand, have more in common with the 1960′s bomb-throwers. From amnesty for illegal alien invaders to embracing the communist-backed goals of the Civil Rights revolution, Neocons stand for revolutionary change, change not to adapt and preserve America, but to reconstruct it according to a new blueprint. Neocon writer Michael Ledeen put it this way:

“Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our own society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and the law. Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity, which menaces their traditions (whatever they may be) and shames them for their inability to keep pace.”

Despite this undeclared war against it, the heartland of America, especially the South, continues its loyalty to the powers that now actively work to destroy them. Pat Buchanan speaks for many when he wonders why Neocons so despise the very people who supply the muscle and faith that make America what it is:

Why the Hollywood Left hates Dixie is easy to understand. It is conservative, Christian, traditionalist, hostile to the cultural revolution. But why do the neocons? After all, the folks Krauthammer calls “white trash ” are the most reliable conservative voters in America, God-and-country people. They enlist in disproportionate numbers in the military, and die in disproportionate numbers in America’s wars.

The answer is simple: both Neocons and the Old Left share the same core values, which derived from Marx and Trotsky, rather than from Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. Neocons and the Old Left want to gut what’s left of the real America. Sadly, many Americans swallow Neocon distortions as the truth. When Bush invokes universalism and equality as America’s core principles, principles that supposedly justify government interventionism at home and abroad, people buy it. Worse, too many also buy into the corollary that such a benign regime must be mindlessly trusted and obeyed. Gramsci would be proud to see his ideas implemented so thoroughly.

At the last Democratic debate, when the issue of illegal immigration was raised, all the candidates preceded their responses with the assertion that immigration is a good thing because, as Christopher Dodd put it, “it makes us a better country.” Really? That reminds me of the old insult that “any change would be an improvement. ” What the Democrats were saying is that Americans are so debased, so despicable, that the unknown political, cultural, and social impact from a Third World influx would be preferable to us remaining what we are. That, in case you missed it, was an insult.

And now you know where it came from.

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10 thoughts on “60′s radicals in business suits

  1. HarrisonBergeron Post author

    Andrew T.

    I must confess I’d never read much by Rothbard, and was not familiar with this piece. It’s a pleasant surprise to encounter someone of such insight and breadth of knowledge. He had Kristol pegged even back then. Here’s my favorite line:

    “Still others, extremists such as myself, would not stop until we repealed the Federal Judiciary Act of 1789, and maybe even think the unthinkable and restore the good old Articles of Confederation.”


  2. Lindy's Revenge

    Southern whites are “poor, uneducated and easy to command,” according to the neocons. I wish someone would really “support our troops” and let the poor, uneducated and easy to command whites from the South and Midwest who are getting killed on the ground know what those behind the bogus troop-supporters really think of them. Maybe one day those pieces of crap will find some of these poor, uneducated rednecks as easy to command as the Polish-Lithuanian Cossack Registry.

  3. HarrisonBergeron Post author

    Lindy’s Revenge,

    Ah, yes, we can dream, can’t we? Maybe one day they’ll have had enough. Who knows what’s possible then?

  4. Weaver

    This is a wonderful article, and one Americaneocon must read (as well as the older one linked to). Such is Americaneocon’s beloved “right” that he’s defending… it’s cultural Marxism. Marxists ought to at least be aware of what they are, though I think he’s more a conservative in denial about his country.

    By losing the culture war, we lost the political war. And if we wish to restore our country, or some part of it, we must take back our culture, one institution at a time.

  5. HarrisonBergeron Post author


    I appreciate the encouraging words. I especially like the phrase, “a conservative in denial about his country.” That is true of so many Americans these days.

    I say forget Americaneocon. He’s just another worshiper of state power who lives for the vicarious glory of DC’s military conquests — that’s why his pro-war, pro-big-government blog is called “American Power.”

    It’s also evident in the way he’s always thumping his chest Tarzan-style in all of his hit-and-run posts on this site. Americaneocon’s unsalvageable. The kind of person I would like to reach is my brother-in-law, who, unlike Americaneocon, is truly conservative in nature, but is not familiar with the underlying philosophical issues to recognize he’s being played by his handlers.

    Larry is a true-blue Bush supporter, even after all that’s happened in Iraq and at home. He’s a committed Christian, and is disgusted with the government schools and the way liberals in his home town are ruining what used to be a pleasant Southern small town.

    But try to point out that Bush’s actions are doing even more harm than the liberals, and he freezes up. Gitmo? That’s just for terrorists. Unwarranted wiretaps and searches? Only bad people need to worry. No habeas corpus for those declared “enemy combatants”? Ditto. But mention amnesty for illegals, and he’ll concede he disagrees with Bush on that. Efforts to point out how Open Borders is just one component of the globalist agenda elicit the familiar freeze up.

    That’s how we lose our freedom; when we support tyranny over “other” people. But what goes around comes around…

  6. Weaver

    We need activists though, folks who are willing to make self-sacrifice and who understand how to make (and capable of making) an impact. We need Chambers and Burnham, albeit while keeping out Kristol ;)

  7. Thor H. Asgardson

    This is an extremely well-crafted treatise, by Harrison Bergeron, regarding the communist influence over the Baby Boomer Generation–also known as “The Counterculture”– generated by Marcusian Political Correctness.
    That revolution of the 1960′s was not entirely determined by the advent of the Neocon philosophy, as many boomers are now part of the Patrick J. Buchanan camp. We also stand for the rise of the old South–as part and parcel of our nation– and admire the resolve with which the illegal alien Mexican occupation army was expelled from Oklahoma, by a righteously indignant native population of Southerners.
    These Okies have provided the nation with a true paradigm to emulate, for Mexican self-deportation.
    The revolt by Oklahoma, is the spearhead for the new self-determination of the American people, to preserve our republic from Mexican annexation of American territory, and the corresponding North American Union, which comes with it.
    It is quite apparent that the so-called “guestworker,” is not unique to North America, but serves as a global shock troop for the central bankers, who seek to destroy the middle class of all nations and reduce all peoples of the world to proledom, under Big Brother’s New World Order.
    What actually transpired, is that the Revolution of the 1960′s, bifurcated and morphed into two distinct camps–the Neocons(communists), and those American patriots who seek the preservation of our old republic.
    The Paleoconservative–like the Neocon– has come from the same boomer generation. He is cut from the same cloth, but with a markedly different pattern, and weave.
    The meaning of our youthful revolt, is just coming to fruition as we find ourselves middle-aged, in the midst of world war, and The Second American Revolution.
    The hoisting of the Vietcong flag, during the Democratic National Convention, in 1968, was NOT the second American revolution, professed by Abbie Hoffman. That great struggle is just now occuring, as the corporations hold our government under hostile corporate takeover, and the American people revolt against the new tyranny.
    The Paleoconservative grew the same long hair, smoked the same weed, listened to the same music as the infamous regime currently in power on Capitol Hill, with one crucial difference; we love our country, and do not wish to see it dissolved into the NAU.
    The fundamental difference between us, and them; is that we recognize a Communist influence over global politics, in the so-called “New World Order,” which would dissolve nation-states of the globe, to usher in rule by the elite central bankers. It is the agenda of David Rockefeller and his protege, Zbigniew Brzezinsky, to destroy our republic in order to enable the ascendancy of Big Brother.
    Two days ago; I was on the campus of the University of San Diego(U.C.S.D.), at La Jolla, California, where Marcuse ended his teaching days in retirement. While there, I noted a coffee house with the name “Che Cafe.” On the outside of the building were painted images of the communist revolutionary, Ernesto Che Guevara.
    Add to this present reality the current sponsorship of anti-American professors in the nation’s university system, as manifested by employment of enemy aliens, such as Jose Angel Gutierrez, and others, and you will have the same formula for worldwide communist revolution, as introduced into America in the 1960′s.
    This communist revolution continues like a cancer on our national life, and is perpetrated by the elites, as part of their overall plan of consolidating power over the United States of America. It is not the distinct provenance of the Boomer Generation–as popularly imagined– but continues into the present, as our universities have remained bastions of Marxist political thought, directly supported by the shadow government.
    The difference between the two opposing camps of baby boomers, is glaringly apparent, as they have fractured along the old trench warfare lines of the earlier Goldwater/Rockefeller era. It is a twilight struggle between the globalist, and the nationalist. It is a question whether to pledge allegiance to the United States of America, or the United Nations, as promulgated by George Herbert Walker Bush, when he stated:
    “It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.”

    This speech was made in an address to the General Assembly of the U.N., Feb. 1st, 1992, by the former president, who was also CFR Director, CIA Director, and Trilateral Commission member.

    “The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. It’s purpose is to destroy the United States.” ~ John E. Rankin, U.S. Congressman

    The so-called current crop of RINO “Republicans,” support the new/old communism and the CFR agenda, while true conservatives cling to the philosophy of Patrick J. Buchanan, and work as vigilantes, to preserve our republic, and the American way of life.
    It is erroneous to imagine that an entire Boomer Generation can be classified into one lump political weltanschauung, by being painted with one broad stroke. There are two opposing camps here.

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