Kevin Levin Celebrates Communist

Over at the League of the Anti-South, obsessed hater Kevin Levin is showing his true spots once again in this tribute to W.E.B. Du Bois. I’ll quote the entire thing so you can savor the full force of its stench:

While this week marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington it is also the 50th anniversary of the passing of W.E.B. Du Bois. It is unfortunate, though not surprising that he has all but been forgotten to our memory of the long civil rights movement. Was there anyone more important and for such a significant amount of time through the first half of the twentieth century? I make it a point to introduce Du Bois in my classroom every year, usually through one of his essays or a selection from The Souls of Black Folk.

At least he has not been entirely forgotten in his home town of Great Barrington, MA. The photograph above comes from a local eight grade class, which recently spent some time exploring a local public mural done in honor of Du Bois.

Du Bois on Robert E. Lee: “Either [Lee] knew what slavery meant when he helped maim and murder thousands in its defense or he did not” — From an essay on Lee (1928)

That last little dig reveals just how consumed with anti-Southern hatred Levin really is. Here’s a little background on the man Levin is promoting in the classroom:

As Du Bois grew older, he dropped any independent cover he had maintained and openly joined the Communist cause. In 1950, at the age 82, he made his first bid for public office, running for the New York State Senate on the American Labor Party ticket. He lost the election but remained committed to his cause. Eight years later, he joined Trotskyists, ex-Communists, and independent radicals in proposing the creation of a united leftwing coalition to challenge for seats in the New York State elections. In 1961 he joined the Communist Party USA and emigrated to Ghana to live in Kwame Nkrumah’s socialist police state, which he preferred to his native land. He made Herbert Aptheker, the chief theoretician of the American Communist Party, the executor of his papers.

DuBois became a citizen of Ghana. He died there in 1963, at age 95. In 1963 the Communist Party named its new youth group (a successor to the Young Communist League) the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs.

Funny, isn’t it, that those who despise the South and everything it stands for have nothing but nice things to say about followers of the most totalitarian, bloodthirsty ideology in history? Yeah. Funny.

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5 thoughts on “Kevin Levin Celebrates Communist

  1. Weaver

    Lee praised the end of slavery. Grant owned slaves at the end of the war. Lee had none until, from wife’s family, he inherited some, which he freed, carefully settling them.

    Lincoln offered an amendment that slavery would never be abolished.

    Lee didn’t want secession. He sided with Virginia because it was his home. What sort of monster sides against his own home state? The war wasn’t over slavery.

    The Left cares nothing for truth. It is never willing to debate with us, because it’s chicken.

  2. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author


    “The Left cares nothing for truth. It is never willing to debate with us, because it’s chicken.”

    In fact, Levin deleted my comment pointing out Du Bois’s communist sympathies. Chicken indeed!

  3. roho

    Well said…………….Jacobins, Communists, Trotskyites, etc, etc, have all worked diligently to reach the same end goal: “The destruction of the White Christian Family belief system.”

    But Rudyard Kipling was always right……..”God help them when the white Christian runs out of patience!”

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