“White Widow” is prime suspect in Kenyan mall massacre

** UPDATE **

White Widow reported killed by Kenyan security forces

Here’s everything you need to know about Samantha Lewthwaite:

A British official told Andrew Malone of the London Daily Mail that a British woman known as the “White Widow” was suspected to be among the terrorists involved in the Kenya attack. Samantha Lewthwaite, 29, converted to Islam and married a Muslim man, Jermaine Lindsay, she met through an online chat room when she was 17. Lindsay killed himself in a suicide bombing that was one of the so-called “7/7? attacks on July 7, 2005, that killed 52 people in bombings on subways and buses in London.

Self-hating whites are as misguided and evil as the adherents of any other suicide cult. It’s a pity they have to take others down with them.

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10 thoughts on ““White Widow” is prime suspect in Kenyan mall massacre

  1. Augustinian

    If she were an American, I’d probably suspect her of being an Episcopalian, at least a former one. Sad …

  2. C Bowen/Hawthorne

    If you recall, the Woolwich slasher had some business for the intelligence services in Kenya. Honestly, these are black ops that are more complex than “racial” treason.

  3. roho

    We have entire communities of Somalis up north, as a result of our failed immigration policy. (And they are reporting that American Citizen/Somalis are in the fight in Kenya?)………Yet, we tell Swedes and Norwegians that they don’t meet our immigration quota standards!…………..Makes me Puke!!!!

    The concept/strategy by the ZOG is that, “If the Americans suffer enough pain through homegrown terrorists, they will be more sympathetic with our Palestinian dissidents.”

    It’s BS!

  4. Weaver


    part of it is they’re just crazy/stupid – same as our leaders. Jews expect to continue living in the US, don’t want Muslim terrorism here to drive them out.

    An interesting conclusion from the Unz study is Jews might get positions in ivy league unis they don’t deserve, but they aren’t strong academic achievers now. They’re too secure here – not striving to excel, don’t have to struggle here.

    At least in theory, it’s the same cause that brought whites down in the US: we grew soft.

    RonL, Eugene Girin, Dr. Gottfried, Auster, etc. noticed the unwanted trends. They can’t seem to stop it.

    Before the Soviet Union collapsed, Americans thought it powerful, strong. All of this said, Gentile whites are more corrupt than Jews, though while Jews are reproducing the Orthodox tend to be lower IQ. We have plenty of problems, but they’re suffering similarly.

  5. C Bowen/Hawthorne

    “Before the Soviet Union collapsed, Americans thought it powerful, strong.”

    Team B–made up largely of what ethnic group?–created that image out of whole cloth.

  6. Weaver

    Well, a weak elite won’t remain elite. You can’t just appoint people who aren’t deserving. If they’re not capable, they’ll fall.

  7. Weaver

    The strongest Jews in the study were the immigrant Jews, who were made to struggle here. They just lack any sort of threat whatsoever. Apparently fantasies of Nazis hiding in the closet isn’t good enough.

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