What Would Lincoln Do?

This American Spectator review of Rich Lowry’s recent on Lincoln starts by saying:

Rich Lowry answers the question all Republicans should be asking: What would Lincoln do today?

Yeah Rich and the rest of the Lincoln syncophants, what would Lincoln do today? He would send troops to arrest his political opponents like Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center which advocates nullification, and Tom Woods who wrote a book about nullification, and the League of the South secessionists who will be protesting immigration in Tennessee next month, and all those Red State residents who signed secession petitions after Obama was re-elected, etc.

Check out the comments. I love how you can no longer write pro-Lincoln propaganda on conservative websites any longer without getting called out. Unless the “conservative” site tightly supresses dissent. We are making progress.

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6 thoughts on “What Would Lincoln Do?

  1. roho

    LOL!………..Lincoln, much like Bobby Kennedy, was SHOT too late!

    Timing is everything, and they were shot too late!

    Hopefully, americans will understand this concept?

    Messed up leaders should not be punished for what they “did”, but for what they may do?………………………HA-HA!

    2.5 lb. triggers on parade!…………….Ha-Ha!

  2. Texan Nationalist

    Lincoln is still the demi-god of virtue to RINOs. Why “true” conservatives still worship this tyrant is beyond me. I can guess it’s because he “saved” the union and allegedly freed the slaves. I’m sick of hearing about how wonderful he was.

  3. Tomás

    The answer is… “consolidation”.

    Maybe the system has pushed for 150 years a self-destructive maladaptive culture, with its egalitarian fanaticism and its mongrelizing slow-motion ethnocide, banning any kind of ethnic identity, collective action or self-prese morals in amer¡can whites.

    Maybe it’s driving your people to destruction. Maybe you’re the tax slave of the overlords, the 90% of the human kind who is flooding your home territory (minorities!) and the cultural communists who poison your children’s minds.

    BUT, it comes with a powerful and militaristic nation-state. Parades, colorful flags and a feeling of power and importance.

    That’s the RINO’s heroin.

    And who’s been, in the US context, the most salient paladin of that powerful leukophobe jacobin nation-state?

    Saint Abraham “kill-your-brother” Lincoln.

    Dirty bastard. I really hope he’s rotting in Hell.

  4. SoCal Patriot

    @Texan Nationalist 25 Sep 2013 at 4:38 A.M.,

    “Lincoln is still the demi-god of virtue to RINOs…”

    The exact same thing can be said of the RINOs attitude toward Marco “Savior of the GOP !” Rubio.

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