Ted Cruz Praises Mandela … His Supporters Object … Media Has a PC Spasm

Ted Cruz posted a tribute to Nelson Mandela on his Facebook account. Some of his supporters then expressed their displeasure. Now the PC Media thinks his supporters expressing displeasure is a news story. Here is what Cruz wrote:

“Nelson Mandela will live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe. He stood firm for decades on the principle that until all South Africans enjoyed equal liberties he would not leave prison himself, declaring in his autobiography, ‘Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.’ Because of his epic fight against injustice, an entire nation is now free. We mourn his loss and offer our condolences to his family and the people of South Africa.”

First of all, regardless of what facts and opinions may be in dispute, Cruz’s post is gratuitous PC grandstanding. Best to say nothing at all because almost anything you say is going to appear to be PC placation, and the PC beast needs to be resisted and challenged, not placated. If you must say something then a simple Rest in Peace would do.

As the Daily Beast article linked above points out, US conservatives long took for granted that Mandela was the bad guy in this drama. (Of course the Daily Beast pointed this out as an indictment, not for educational purposes.) He was a Communist who headed a terrorist Communist organization. Now I believe people should be judged in the context of their time and situation. So I don’t much like Communist as an epithet. Mandela was a revolutionary, and African revolutionaries at that time were likely to be communists (big C or little c) because that was the milieu they were in. This is similar to the random pre-war German who is accused of being a Nazi. Well yeah, he might have been a Nazi, because a lot of pre-war Germans were Nazis. And a lot of the people who throw around the accusation would have been Nazis also if they had been Germans at the time just based on numbers alone. So I’m not crazy about communist as an simple epithet coming from rightist any more than I am Nazi as an epithet coming from leftist. That said, the fact that he was a Communist is not nothing either, and shouldn’t be swept under the rug the way the fawning media is doing. I hold against him that he was a member of an authoritarian and viscous Communist party more than I do the fact that he might have thought Marx was on to something.

But the fact that conservatives used to routinely criticize Mandela but now supposed conservative stars like Cruz feel it necessary to praise him says a lot about how oppressive the PC atmosphere has become.

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2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Praises Mandela … His Supporters Object … Media Has a PC Spasm

  1. Kirt Higdon

    Another reason not to trust Cruz. Of greater importance, because it involves policy and not just PC grandstanding is an email I received from Cruz opposing negotiations with Iran because it is not in the interests of the US and Israel. Also, I had called the office of my representative, Blake Farenthold, to urge him to vote against any further Iran sanctions and he responded with an email on the importance of defending Israel. I’ve never mentioned Israel in any communication I’ve had with either of these gentlemen yet they somehow feel obliged to convey to me their allegiance to Israel as if I had ever questioned that. Maybe they figure that their emails and/or phone calls will get reported straight from the NSA to the ADL or the Mossad.

  2. Kirt Higdon

    Newsmax reports that Cruz is the only US Senator and one of only two Republicans in a Congressional delegation to Mandela’s funeral. This goes beyond grandstanding. Either Cruz really believes that Mandela was a great guy or he plans on using this in his campaign or both.

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