What’s Up With Alternative Right?

If you go to www.alternativeright.com you get an empty domain page. If you go to a specific Alternative Right article it redirects you to Radix Journal.

AltRight Editor Andy Nowicki posted this somewhat cryptic message on his FaceBook page.

To whom it may concern: www.alternativeright.com now redirects the reader automatically to Richard Spencer‘s new magazine Radixjournal.com, as you will see from clicking on the link below… while we heartily endorse Radix Journal, we also wish to keep our posts up, and are working on expediting this matter. Please stand by.

Someone then posted this on Andy’s FaceBook page.

Please continue to support the work of Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki of Alternative Right. This can be a depressing community to belong to sometimes. These guys do a fantastic job adding just the right about of humor to the constant barrage of bad news. Their temporary home is at -


Bookmark it and wish success in the new year.

It looks like they saved the content but not the comments.

AltRight was a bit edgy for my tastes, and the comment section was a train wreck, but they had some content that was worth reading and you were unlikely to find many other places. I have no idea what happened. I presume Richard Spencer still owned AltRight. Was there a falling out? Any one with any intel please chime in.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Up With Alternative Right?

  1. Kirt Higdon

    This kind of behavior from Spencer surprises me not in the least. He’s a control freak. Thanks for the link to the temporary location of AR. I’ve rarely commented on their articles because their good commentators tend to get drowned out by the bad ones, but many of their articles are quite interesting.

  2. Tomás

    Well, to be true, Alternative Right is the True Right, something that cannot be said of the sometimes weak “Conservative” Times, always pandering to the same old failed stuff. I had to say it.

  3. Tomás

    The “Consertative” Times sometimes seems incapable of applying the “ne pas d’ennemi a droite” meme.

  4. RedPhillips Post author

    Tomas, the original right was attempting to conserve Church and Throne. Unfortunately, too many of the AltRight crowd have no desire to conserve Church. If you read the admin post above, we clearly aren’t jumping on an opportunity to cast stones to our “right,” but neither do we want nonsense about paganism or anarchofuturism hung around our neck.

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