More on Alternative Right

Alternative Right has a statement up on it’s FaceBook page.

The FaceBook statement as well as some additional explanation can be found here at the new temporary home of AltRight.

It is not the intention of this website to take sides here. We simply intend to report on issues of interest to our sphere. The alternative (small a) right sphere is unfortunately full of contention and we generally try to remain above the fray and retain friendly relations with all sides. We have a friendly relationship with Richard Spencer, and I assume Andy Nowicki and company have no issues with us either. While we represent a more traditional paleo perspective than Spencer or AltRight, we have no desire to be part of a chorus denouncing either.

Update: Colin Liddell, the co-editor of Alternative Right along with Andy Nowicki, is not at all happy with the way things went down. He expresses his displeasure in a comment here.

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5 thoughts on “More on Alternative Right

  1. SoCal Patriot

    Let’s hope this situation is resolved with as little acrimony as possible.The last thing we need is even more division amongst us Whites.

  2. Matt Weber

    Spencer’s position is understandable. He’s always going to be associated with alternative right, even though he has little to nothing to do with it anymore. Killing the brand is one way to fix that.

  3. Mike

    After Spencer gave Liddell and Nowicki control of the site, they posted articles like “Is black genoicde right” and completely destroyed the brand. It’s best he got rid of them, though I think he probably could have done it more diplomatically.

  4. Kirt Higdon

    I’m finding it impossible to post on the new AR site. I did a couple of posts, but they disappeared and now I can’t post there at all. I presume this has to do with the changeover.

  5. Mass Market

    I have no love for what Alt Right was but make no mistake – Richard Spencer is a career liar, and a typical rich kid who bounces around, failing forward, without ever achieving anything of note. I know for an absolute fact that Alt Right was not intended to be a short term project, and suspect that Liddell is right about why it was taken down.

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