Winners and Losers Tonight

Here is James Ostrowski’s take from Lew Rockwell. He has been pretty good with his prognosticating.


Huckabee–But where does he go from here? The Improv?
Thompson–still alive but at 2% in New Hampshire
Paul–double figures after every single press report stated he couldn’t win–exceed his poll average by 40% in a hostile environment


Romney–bet the ranch on winning there
McCain–badly wanted third place
Giuliani–a humiliating 4% …

…Big picture: none of the candidates up against Ron Paul is looking good nationally. This will be a war of attrition down to the convention.

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4 thoughts on “Winners and Losers Tonight

  1. ERIC

    My prediction for New Hampshire.
    1 Mccain (neocons)
    2 Romney (big business)
    3 Huck (white evangelical)

    Basically you have the 3 biggest constituancies in these top 3 candidates.
    The big question is later on in the big states will neocons unite behind Mccain or will a significant portion of them still support Rudy and therefor split their vote?

    4 Rudy (near his home state)
    5 Paul (dedicated support but small)
    6 Thompson (huck’s big win in Iowa will drain any support)
    7 Hunter (well nevermind)

  2. Weaver

    Paul’s at 8% in the latest NH polls, and he did get double digit support in Iowa. So, who knows maybe Paul will come in third after having established himself as mainstream.

    Btw, it’s amazing to me that Obama won a state like Iowa.

  3. levotb

    Thompson #6 in NH? Nawww!! He took 2% pts. fr. Romney at the last minute in Iowa and squeaked by a comeback by McCain–whose only reason for “coneback” is Ghouliani’s staying out of the state. McCain will do well in NH, but Thompson will finish 3rd. There are still a few conservatives in NH, believe it or not…

    Big loser in Iowa was Romney and Ghouliani. Romney, because he spent gazillions and lost nad Ghouliani because he stayed out of it.

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