Some articles for your consideration…

Bill Kauffman has a great article  in the The American Conservative about the paleo left in the 1960s before it quashed by Marxists.

CP presidential nominee Rev. Chuck Baldwin has his latest article up entitled “The Superficial War on Terror”

Here are two new articles from CHT contributor Doug Newman: “A Quick Fix for Judicial Tyranny” and “America Has No Duty to Destroy Islam”

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One thought on “Some articles for your consideration…

  1. roho

    4 Stories in one thread? Comon Patroon. You guys are better than that!

    Regarding the Baldwin Link:

    Chuck is right as always. But “Leviathan” understands that it is human nature to believe what one want’s to believe…..When one is confronted with the reality that their wife or sister is a whore, they rarely move in the direction of, “We now have the facts, and need to move forward in correcting the problem.”…….Absolute denial sets in instead!……..Which is where we are right now, and “Leviathan” knows this.

    Americans have to recognize that in the history of the world, all nations at one time or another has elected idiots!……..We are there.

    Now we have to find the owners manual, that our founding fathers left behind for us. (The Constitution). And we have to realize that there is no shame in reading it. (That’s why they wrote it.) But, we also have to take responsibility to tell our children the truth! (Which means educating them that American History through the Public School System is called “Propoganda”.)………….This, of course means that the Mommy’s and Daddy’s have to be deprogrammed first. (Which carries us back full circle to denial.)

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