Come to the League of the South Summer Institute

The League of the South Summer Institute is 12 July. Get details here.

Dr. Clyde Wilson, Dr. Brion McClanahan, Ray McBerry, and Dr. David Aiken will speak on Southern Heroes; Lessons for Today. The Saturday program will last from 8:00 to 5:30.

There will be a “dutch” Supper program on Friday night for anyone wishing to attend it. We will meet in a reserved room at Ryan’s Restaurant (near the convention motel) at 7:00pm. Dr. David Aiken will give a talk on “Lost War Poetry” after supper.

Readers in the Southeast and beyond should consider attending.

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2 thoughts on “Come to the League of the South Summer Institute

  1. roho

    Red……………………Macon is not a bad drive for me, and I very well may be there? I would love to meet you guys.

  2. RedPhillips Post author

    roho, I’m the only CHT blogger who lives here, but we have a good League of the South chapter. The Institute should be well attended. We would be glad to have you.

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