One thought on “The Dream (Nightmare) Ticket: McCain-Soros

  1. roho

    Another great article by Dr. Srdja Trifkovic!……….Yes! From a hillbilly’s perspective, “In 2001 McCamnesty formed the “Reform Institute” in order to receive DONATIONS from George Soros and Terressa Heinz Kerry.(Remember it was Kerry and Kennedy that negotiated with McAmnesty to leave the GOP but negotiations broke down.) Juan Hernandez is the “Hispanic Outreach Director” for the institute, and Adrianna Huffington of the “Huffington Post” has served on the Institute “Advisory Commitee” sence it’s creation!

    WOW!………Does this even read like any form of sanity in American Politics?…………How INSANE that this guy is even in the GOP, much less running for President!………….(And nobody in Congress knows anything?)

    Lock your family in the house and hide your livestock because this country is screwed!!!!!

    America has taken the blue pill and now only want’s to know if Britney Spears will get her children back?……………..GOD help us!

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