Great Satan is Interviewed

Our old friend Dr. Douglas is still blogging – GSGF interviews him here.

Inside, we glimpse the mind of this Burkean/”JudeoChristian” (a meaningless term)/global revolutionary.

Douglas writes:

I especially liked Burke’s emphasis on continuity in culture – on prescriptive authority found in a nation’s historical associations and traditions, and how such bases of authority formed a bulwark against revolutionary movements, and the rise of authoritarian leadership.I thus thought Burkean conservatism would provide excellent foundations for a traditionalist’s analyisis of poltics and world affairs.

And admits:

The national interest historical defined has physical/economic security of the state can be very narrow. It can lead to isolationism for a great power. Today, if a “realist” national interest conception would return to favor, we’d “off-shore” our political-miltary responsiblities around the world, starting with Iraq, and then with a realignment of our basing overseas.

Yes, so true.

So then, why must the US bomb the world, destroy societies (organic beings in themselves), and murder hundreds of thousands at the loss of American blood and treasure?

GsGf – Wouldn’t that be ammoral or immoral to outsource America’s projection – or rejection of projection?

Dr Douglas – It’s not moral or immoral, but simply a choice on the appropriate use of our resources and power. Unfortunatly, “national interest” can be construed so narrowly as to be isolationist.

America historically in the indispensible great power. I think the world would be less free and stable of we adopted a “come home America” national interest foreign policy.

Because, “the world would be less free and stable”. Douglas then mentions that Darfur type massacres shouldn’t be allowed to occur, and this is really the issue: Douglas naively believes he knows what’s best for other societies, despite his being an outsider and a foreigner to their ways. Douglas, though outside the organic being of foreign societies, wishes to intervene and resolve their problems with his superior virtue and understanding. He is not acting in America’s best interests; he’s acting out of a misguided desire to help. That he has no duty to interfere and that he could make matters worse despite his best intentions both appear outside Douglas’s consideration.

Solzhenitsyn once said:

Anguish about our divided world gave birth to the theory of convergence between leading Western countries and the Soviet Union. It is a soothing theory which overlooks the fact that these worlds are not at all developing into similarity; neither one can be transformed into the other without the use of violence. Besides, convergence inevitably means acceptance of the other side’s defects, too, and this is hardly desirable.

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17 thoughts on “Great Satan is Interviewed

  1. Andrew T.

    Such a pretty girl, such a wasted mind. If you scroll to the bottom of the blog, you’ll see a proud advertisement of the blog’s reading level as “Doofus”. Well, stupid is as stupid does…

    Unlike Courtney’s offerings, Dr. Douglas’s writing actually makes an effort — and yes, miserably fails — at being (pseudo)intellectual. He does appear more handsome than I had pictured (I would have at least put him in the Bill Kristol generation). But RedPhillips, as an amateur enthusiast in male dress, I can tell you that Dr. Douglas isn’t an accomplished dresser. Although his suit jacket is almost perfectly tailored to his form, from what I can tell in that picture, Dr. Douglas’s tie refuses to sit flat on his chest, is tied in a huge and messy Windsor knot, and he didn’t even close the top button on his shirt (…only in America); orange is not a great necktie color to begin with.

  2. Americaneocon

    Tuggle: God, your brain’s fried!

    Duh, that’s not me on the front pic!!

    Courtney likes fashion icons, and neocon values have the pumped up glam of a true red carpet extravaganza.

    Who cares if my dad was born in Missouri? Is there a racial test to being an evil neocon?

    I’m not Jewish, either, so sorry to disappoint you!

    Here’s the latest Kaganite-Kristol conspiracy to keep you paleolosers busy:

    “Breaking: Neocon War in the Caucasus!”

  3. Weaver


    haha, none of the pictures are real – the picture is of James Callis, a celeb.

    I just figured I’d link to an interview of Dr. D after there’d been so many exchanges in the past.

    It’s likely the quotes taken are real, so it gives a rare glimpse at his mind.

  4. Weaver



    I followed a link to her site, thought it neat you were interviewed, and linked to it. Lighten up… I’ll not link to you in the future if so sensitive…

    Btw, were we losers, we’d be better bloggers ;)

  5. RedPhillips

    “haha, none of the pictures are real – the picture is of James Callis, a celeb”

    OK. I feel like an idiot. At first I thought that couldn’t be Dr. D., but then the picture was at the top of the article and there was all the babble about him being an ex-skateboarder and such.

    Oh well. Courtney could have at least corrected me.

    Andrew, the big clunky knots are all the rage in Europe.

  6. HarrisonBergeron2


    “Courtney likes fashion icons, and neocon values have the pumped up glam of a true red carpet extravaganza.”

    In other, words, it’s all faked, like the case for WMD, or like you being a Burkean.

    Got it.

  7. Americaneocon


    You didn’t link to me, actually. You linked to GSGF. But you call your title here “lightening up”? Hardly…

    Actually, I’d forgotten all about you guys until I checked out the “interveiw.”

    Anyway, anything with “neocon” associated with it’s evil to you old Calhounians. You might, er, lighten up…

  8. Weaver

    The title was a joke. See the connection between Great Satan’s GF and Great Satan? …

    You’re also not entirely a neocon. You favor all these nutty conquests and wars, but then you also claim to defend traditional values and attack “the left”. So, either you’re dishonest or you’re ignorant – since you’ve not much of a readership, we all suspect the latter.

    I don’t think you’re evil – just ignorant of many things, e.g. JudeoChristian values, Burke, Solzhenitsyn… That doesn’t make you evil, and no one has mentioned you since the last time you were here prior to this article…

  9. HarrisonBergeron2

    Actually, there’s a biiiig difference between what Neocons SAY and what they DO. Don’t forget that their founder, Leo Strauss, envisioned a ruling elite that used the noble lie to manipulate the unenlightened masses for their own good.

    As the godfather of Neoconservatism, Irving Kristol, put it: “There are different kinds of truths for different kinds of people. There are truths appropriate for children; truths that are appropriate for students; truths that are appropriate for educated adults; and truths that are appropriate for highly educated adults, and the notion that there should be one set of truths available to everyone is a modern democratic fallacy. It doesn’t work.”

    So today’s Neocons are reengineering the world according to their blueprint for perfection. To do this, they are imposing “creative destruction” on the world (yes, including us) while utilizing the language of traditional conservatism to pacify us while our heritage is being gutted. Thus, W the Great chatters about illegal alien invaders importing “family values” into our country as justification for his open borders policy.

    Same goes with their nonsense about spreading democracy. It’s all part of their Trotskyite vision of a world-wide democratic revolution.

  10. Weaver

    Yea the ideology is like an onion, with a fat cat feeding off the core.

    Those on the outer edges of the onion like Dr. D simply fall for the propaganda machine.

    The neocons appear to wish to redefine “traditional values” to mean something much closer to cultural Marxism than what would have been meant in 1950 or 1861.

  11. Weaver

    Thus, W the Great chatters about illegal alien invaders importing “family values” into our country as justification for his open borders policy.

    Yep – they’re just appealing to their target audience.

    Once they’ve convinced the conservative boobs that American culture and American culture in general is cultural Marxism, the revolution is complete.

  12. courtneyme109

    Hey ya’ll. Thanks for the PR. The Iview was prett well done – covered the bases on Neoconservatism – the links alone make a great case for for it.

    The judeo xian thing is not so meaningless. Whereas Xianity bestows egalitarianess on everybody – a King James take on the “All cats are created equal” and also brings up free choice – “Whosever will ” from the New Testament. Essentially – xianity made everyone equal – bond or free.

    This is significant and is totally correct with neocons as true believers in ‘democrazy’

    Weaver please feel free to link to me anytime on any essay or post. I saw the humour – made me laugh everytime I see it. It’s cool.

    Andrew, look, the doofus thing was a joke at myself. There are a ton of blogs out yonder that of course wave that icon with the word ‘genius level’ on it. Doesn’t take too long to find that is highly quizable on like 99% of them. Just poking fun at meself. I would totally disagree with ye that GsGf makes an effort to promote the sexyful deals of the ideals that compass neoism, Strassian purists, America 1sters and the Pentagon Vulcans. America Unbound.

    Red – It’s cool. No harm done.

    HarrisonBergeron2, While Kristol’s influ is certainly in neoism – a far better case could be made that Strauss – not Kristol – is the night light with his awesome quiz “Which one of these is not like the other”.
    Would you consider whipping up a Trotsky = Neocons essay sometime?


  13. Weaver


    It sounds like you’ve the right attitude. I’ll be sure to link when I’ve more time to blog.

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