The men behind the scenes

Robert Higgs wrote a very informative article on Lew the other day about powerful people who like work behind the scene and often bend Presidents to their will (Dick Cheney anyone?). Higgs focuses on Col. Edward House who was the power behind the throne in the Wilson Administration and did much to create the world of the 20th Century.

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2 thoughts on “The men behind the scenes

  1. roho

    Higgs was most gentle…………..Col. House’s corpse should be dug up, burned in public as Cromwells was hung in England!………..House made Paul Wolfowitz look like a boy scout, and was a plant by the House of Rothschild and International Banking, to seize control of the U.S. Banking system. He played President Wilson as a baffoon from the begining, and ushered in the Federal Reserve.(Which is barely discussed). J.P. Morgan and others knew exactly what they were doing, just as todays NEOCONS follow orders outside of the United States. In his later years Wilson admitted that he had been “hoodwinked” and his greatest regret was the “Federal Reserve”………..These “Original Neocons” made the Rockefellers “puppets” to continue their agenda!

    For real truth without fear of someone losing their little job in journalism read “Secrets Of The Federal Reserve System” by Eustice Mullins.

    I have less respect for Col. House than Stalin!

  2. The Western Confucian

    I agree fully about “the powerful people who like work behind the scene and often bend Presidents to their will.”

    Today, I said on my blog of our current president, “I’ve often thought the most sympathetic figure in this disastrous administration has been the man that gives it its name.” I was speaking of the news that he perhaps “has stood up to the Likudniks in his own administration who mistake Tel Aviv for the capital of America” — President Bush vs. the Bush Administration .

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