Some articles for your consideration

Here’s Chuck Baldwin’s latest “John McCain pro-life? What a joke!”

Chuck got a raw deal from the California courts on the ballot status of the AIP.

Dr. Srdja Trifkovic gives us the updated score in the Georgia-Russia conflict with Russia now recognizing the independence (or at least  the dependence) of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Here’s the schedule for the Rally for the Republic next Tuesday. blogs talks about Stephan Steinlight and how he’s working to shut down the Kosher meat plant Agriprocessor, a cheap-labor exploiter of immigrants run by Hasdics in Pottsville, Iowa.

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4 thoughts on “Some articles for your consideration

  1. RedPhillips

    Amen Dylan. The WWE(F) has always been and will always be that Yankee promotion to me. Wrestling has not been the same since Yankee Vince big footed the regional promotions.

    Ted Turner at least seemed to get that the NWA/WCW was the Southern promotion. I enjoyed WCW even during its nationwide heyday of the NWO/Nitro years because it was “mine.” (I grew up watching Georgia Championship Wrestling.)

    Bischoff, Russo, etc. seemed to never quite get that the fan base of WCW was different. For example remember the Master P fiasco? And remember how everyone loved the “heel” West Texas Rednecks?

  2. roho

    Chuck Baldwin makes some very good points, regarding the end results of the GOP after controlling the Whitehouse, Senate, and House for 6 years!……..And getting NOTHING done! As a conservative in my fifties, it was like being a 10 year old child that had a masterplan for meeting Santa, and finding him crash landed in the woods, drunk as a skunk, roasting reindeer on an open fire, and fornicating with the elfs! (Would that kid be disenfranchised or what?)

    6 years, and nothing but disaster!………and a Congress that is worse than welfare citizens that wish to nothing but draw a check! These guys are so bad, that they don’t even go home to be with their constituents after they retire or lose! Washington becomes their home, and they go to work for some lobbying group on “K” Street. (And their ignorant constituents say, “Isn’t it nice that he found another job.”)…….. :(

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