Chuck Baldwin on Palin

On the other hand, I think Baldwin may give Palin more credit than she deserves. He takes the AIP and Buchanan rumors at face value. But he is correct, just like McCarthy, that she has now been compromised.

Herein lies the problem for Sarah Palin. How can a principled conservative support the policies and actions of an unprincipled globalist such as John McCain? As Vice President, Palin will be required to promote and defend McCain’s big-government, liberal, and globalist plans.

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Filmer is the Conservative Times username for a paleoconservative political activist. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, Sir. Robert Filmer (1588 - 1653) is a largely forgotten English political theorist who deserves more attention from conservative scholars. He was a (the?) main contemporary opponent to Locke and his social contract theory. Possibly as an artifact of Kirk, modern conservatives have largely stopped tracing conservative thought at Burke. This is unfortunate. A potential outcome of this is that you are just as likely to hear "conservatives" spouting Lockean silliness as you are liberals. Hopefully a revival of conservative interest in Filmer will be awakened by the increased interest in paleoconservatism.

5 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin on Palin

  1. Sunking278

    THOUGHTS ON SARAH PALIN’S RNC SPEECH – In a word, nauseating. Gov. Sarah Palin, who we are being led to believe is a ‘conservative’s conservative,’ had the opportunity to outline her policies in a clear and coherent fashion. She had the opportunity to share her vision of America, and how starkly it contrasts to the socialist vision of Barack Obama. Instead, we got sarcasm, whining, and just plain old nastiness. The partisan hacks in attendance ate it up with a spoon, of course; but I can’t help but feel that 75% of America was watching and thinking ‘this is Dick Cheney in a skirt,’ only nowhere near as shrewd. We got the tired neo-con lines about terrorism, Islam, protecting poor little ole’ Israel, so on and so forth. Absent a 9-11 type disaster sometime in the next 63 days (always a possibility, I suppose), that is not going to sell in the year 2008. Not a chance, as most Americans have woken up to the GOP fear mongering, which is why Obama’s pie-in-the-sky rhetoric of ‘change’ and ‘hope’ is working as well as it is with the still-quite-ignorant masses.

    Very little was said by Mrs. Palin about our flat-lining economy, only the standard GOP line about cutting taxes. Worse, however, were the unfunny and grossly excessive one-liners, solely focused on Obama’s lack of executive experience and the fact he will raise taxes. First off, Barracuda, you are running for vice president, not performing stand-up at a comedy club. Secondly, and more importantly, she failed to truly present just how dangerous Obama and his ideology really is for America. Par for the course for the entire McCain Campaign to date; they won’t dare touch the really juicy stuff, such as Obama’s communist and terrorist connections, or his sordid affair with the homosexual Larry Sinclair. If Sarah Palin really wanted to jab Obama, she would have called Obama out, in front of millions, for what he really is … a Marxist! Mrs. Palin, to her credit, has been a very strong pro-life voice. Yet, did we hear the word ‘abortion’ mentioned even once in her spiel? She had the opportunity, in front of the whole world, to bring attention to Obama’s enthusiastic – and documented – support for the cruel practice of partial-birth abortion, otherwise known as infanticide. No, instead we got lame jokes about him being a ‘community organizer.’ Yeah, you really came out swinging, Governor. Finally, the whining about the media was just plain pathetic. However bad the MSM is, it’s not their fault that Mrs. Palin’s 17 year-old daughter was stupid enough to get herself knocked up.

    I was prepared to perhaps put aside my eternal cynicism and give you a chance, Sarah Palin. Although skeptical, I thought maybe – just maybe – a true American and true Christian had somehow managed to sneak herself onto the top of a major party ticket. On the surface, Palin’s record looked pretty damn good. What’s beneath the surface, however, is truly scary. One of only two conclusions can be drawn: Either Gov. Palin is a typical politician knowingly masquerading as a ‘maverick’ (like McCain himself) and laughing all the way to the bank; or, she is an ignorant, airhead dupe who is being used by McCain and the GOP in the most disgusting way possible. Either way, I feel a deep sense of sorrow for the Palin children – even the stupid one who got knocked up by her loser boyfriend – much in the same way as I do for Obama’s little girls. The one thing I could always respect about George W. Bush, if nothing else, was that he refused to use his young daughters (now grown) to grab votes. Perhaps the same can be said for McCain today, as we never see much of anything about his children. Palin and Obama, on the other hand, only seem too happy to parade their families before the camera. Palin is actually showing herself to be worse than Obama in this regard, if that’s possible, but that may be only because Obama’s girls are too young to get pregnant, and were fortunate to be born healthy. Perhaps, Mrs. Palin, if you really have conservative family values, you should quit the campaign trail, resign the Governorship, and stay at home and be a mother to your infant, special needs son. Sarah Palin is so typical of women these days: They want their cake and want to eat it, too.

    All of this has only served to cement my conclusion that McCain is the designated loser, and thus is throwing the election. The fix is in, Obama will be president, and the country will go to hell once and for all. Sarah Palin will go back to Alaska, and the dopey people up there will think of her as some sort of folk hero for trying to stand up to the big bad wolf (Obama), when in reality she played a great role in handing him the presidency on a silver platter! McCain himself, like his friend John Kerry before him, will spend the rest of his days in the Senate, fat, rich, and happy while the country crumbles. The cycle of deception and death goes on and on. I hate to sound like Michelle Obama, but on this evening I am most definitely NOT proud of my country! At least not the shell of a country it has become.

    Merriam-Webster definition of ‘Barracuda’: One that uses aggressive, selfish, and sometimes unethical methods to obtain a goal especially in business.

  2. David Allyn

    “Nauseating” is a nicer word than I would have used. Palin is appalling; a neo-con bitch. She is shallow and no doubt will easily be manipulated into the agenda of the New World Order.

  3. csason



    Don’t think McCain will have an easy time sweeping this lady under the rug..

    I’ve been visiting this site for well over a year..Where did you come from ??
    Must be one of those ‘minions’ I keep hearing about that scours the innerwebnet looking for ‘conservative sites’ to vomit on.

    I guess your idea of opposing obammy is to help him bring a demise to life as you are able to enjoy it today…well type on brother, type may not be able to post it on the world wide web soon.

    I buried my special needs child a few years ago, and gave her wheelchair to a family that didn’t have insurance… The scriptures say we will have new bodies, so I can take it to heart that she is finally able to run and jump and play again.

    Would you say I was pandering with my child to garner support ??

    I recall vividly taking that little girl, and both of her sisters in diapers, no less to many functions, church, and everywhere else we went..but according to you, we should have built our cave to withstand the prying eyes of the general public.

    I voted for Perot !!!

    Never again.

  4. roho

    Chuck Baldwin is on target!………Palin is actually the “Personality” that has been missing in McAmnesty’s entire life. (Now he has a personality through osmosis)….But, make no mistake. They did not offer her the VP being unsure of her loyalty! And, yes, she was given that speech and told to give it with conviction.

    One thing about opportunists is that they recognize opportunity.

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