Some articles for your consideration

Rod Dreher addresses populism, class warfare and the Republican Party, three things that have been highlighted greatly in this election.

 Doug Newman’s latest: “An Election Day Sermon I Would Like to Preach

While Obama the symbol may be a radical one for radical, Obama the man will be a quite conventional and might I dare say…conservative figure as Justin Raimondo points out Obama’s establishment ties in this Takimag article.

I found this website I thought might be interesting, “Red State Rebels”, Red State liberals of course but one’s that might take a decentralist, anti-Washington line. 

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One thought on “Some articles for your consideration

  1. roho

    Patroon…………..All of these articles were good……But, “An Election Day Sermon” was very, very, good!……………. Where is the ballance?…….In 1994, I cut the cord off of the TV, and made a committment to not watch TV, read the newspaper, or listen to talk radio.

    I was happier than I had ever been in my life! What an experiment!…….However, I was not very rellatable to the average human and often accused of being on drugs. (Ha-Ha)……….I believe that it all goes back to a Constitutional Republic and States Rights.

    We deserve the right to live and associate with our own.

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