Can Vermont break free of Obama?

Arguing for Vermont secession was easy with a Texan like Bush II in the White House, the anti of everything Vermont was about. But Barak Obama is expected to carry the state easily this fall and the Vermont Secession Movement will then face its biggest test, whether they can maintain or expand upon the support it has right now among 13% of all Vermonters in the face of a President who many Vermonters will probably support. This article in Culture 11 explores this question.

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4 thoughts on “Can Vermont break free of Obama?

  1. RedPhillips

    What’s the deal with Culture11? They have some pretty good stuff. Is it intentionally conservative?

  2. roho

    I really like this “Secession” idea, in spite of having about a 1000 questions about how it will work? (At the risk of losing my job, I’m trying to figure a way to attend the “League Of The South Convention” in Chatanooga at the end of the month?)…………..If Vermont were to sucessfully seceed, how would they handle the mass immigration, etc?

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