“Far”-Right Austrian Leader Joerg Haider Dies In Auto Wreck

Details here.

Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider, a charismatic populist who helped thrust anti-immigrant politics into the European mainstream, was killed in a car accident on Saturday.

Haider, 58, who led the right into a coalition government from 2000 to 2006, polarized Austria and drew international condemnation with his anti-foreigner outbursts and for appearing to endorse some Nazi policies.

Last month, after years of retreat into provincial politics, he helped engineer a surge of Austria’s far right to about 30 percent of the vote in a parliamentary election, mining discontent over feuding mainstream governing parties, inflation and immigration.

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

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3 thoughts on ““Far”-Right Austrian Leader Joerg Haider Dies In Auto Wreck

  1. Weaver

    Austria is even letting 16 year olds vote, presumably to bring in more left wing voters.

    Hopefully Haider wasn’t as so many great men have been: irreplaceable.

    His family ties to the wrong side in WWII will prompt some American readers to grumble, but Germans and Austrians are still human… It’s wonderful they’re resisting absorption into the EU and ultimately a global state.

  2. roho

    How sad!………….I would have liked the man……And his positions on immigration is cetaily in conflict with the “Global Theories Of Universalism”……….He was one of the good guys that had cast off the “Bondage” of Political Correctness and awakened a people to reality and truth……(But, he will be replaced as truth can not be contained.)

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