7 thoughts on “William F. Buckley’s Son Endorses Obama

  1. Weaver

    What sort of vernacular is that: spoiled American who thinks he’s British and dreams of a global state?

    I’m all for British roots, but I abhor the hollow classiness of today’s wealthy and narcissistic traitors. They’re drawn to class and nobility without any of the virtues and duties.

    What happened to noblesse oblige? There’s nothing wrong with a class division, but with power comes responsibility. The peasants need to toss out their Lords.

  2. Savrola

    Chris Buckley also supported Clinton and voted for him.

    His generation’s nasty habit of pulling strange levers in general represents a great deal of what is wrong with this country.

  3. Dr Bob

    It is truly a sad day when someone like Christopher Buckley attributes a quote to P.J. O’Rourke that rightfully belongs to Thomas Jefferson.

    As for his pathetic reasons for supporting Insane Obama, I think his personal god must be Janis, the god that had two faces. Buckley is definitely being two faced in his article. While he claims to be a small government man he is shilling for a man who is the exact opposite.

    Until now Christopher Buckley wasn’t even on my radar. I think I’ll just place him back where he was previously, in obscurity. That is where he rightfully belongs. Anyone who takes him seriously is one of the kooks his father was trying to separate from the appropriate right wingers.

  4. roho

    Conservative?……………………GWB and our existing congress and our religious leaders have shown that only abortion and marriage stands in the way of being one big happy Universalist Family.

  5. Patrick J. Ford

    I, for one, was pleased by the endorsement. If I was forced (gun to my head and all that) to vote for one of the major party candidates, it would have to be Obama. McCain’s imperial ambitions are too frightening.

  6. Andrew T.

    Perhaps a case could be made that Obama is practically preferable, but I wouldn’t go as far as to use words like “pleased”.

  7. Weaver

    Mr. Ford,

    I could understand, not approve of but understand, a blind Republican backing.

    However, what bothers me is little Buckley says:

    He is, it seems clear enough, what the historical moment seems to be calling for.

    Little Buckley is embracing the Obama dream.

    Obama is probably the lesser evil because he could lead to a reaction and might not be as war mongering. And if he is war mongering, then conservatives won’t be blamed and mindlessly pulled along. We paleos then might be able to move in on neocon territory, since they’re sure to embrace whatever wars Obama proposes.

    The neocon has yet to see a war he doesn’t like. Obama might well be the awakening of conservatives that we’ve been waiting for, because I don’t think conservatives will buy what Obama sells (perceived as a Democrat, liberal, and yes black). Pendulums swing both ways.

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