Ron Paul in 2012? – Dare We Dream?

Ron Paul in 2012? Dare we dream? The buzz is coming from a surprising source. This article from leftist Internet magazine Salon speculates that Paul’s anti-Fed, pro-gold message might sell better in four years given the current economic crisis, a crisis he nearly alone in Washington has been predicting.

Ron Paul appeared on CNN’s “American Morning” on Friday, pushing the same apocalyptic message he served up during the Republican primaries, with one difference. His prediction of doom makes a heck of a lot more sense now than it did then.

“This system that we’ve had since 1971 is nonviable,” he said, “and it’s coming to an end.”

Amen. He can say that again. But is there anything to a potential Paul 2012 candidacy? Well this statement from Paul is what has Andrew Leonard of Salon teasing us.

But right now there’s a fight going on in this country. Our numbers are growing. We’re not the majority, but our numbers are growing. And as this situation deteriorates, more people are going to say, “Hey, maybe it’s right. Maybe limited government and freedom works. Maybe freedom is popular, and maybe freedom really works.” And this idea that we have to depend on government for all these programs is an illusion.

Personally, I think Leonard may be reading more into that statement than Paul intended. Let’s not forget, Paul will be 77 in 2012. While Paul is reportedly a nearly pathological exerciser, another grueling campaign may be too much to ask of even the healthiest 77 year old.

The Ron Paul presidential campaign morphed into the extra-partisan Campaign for Liberty. It seems likely that Paul had his Campaign for Liberty or the “freedom movement” in general in mind when he made the statement above instead of another personal run. But as the current house of cards economic system continues to implode, who knows? Maybe by 2012 America will be ready for the harsh medicine of fiscal responsibility that Dr. Paul is prescribing.

You can’t blame a man for dreaming, can you? I hope Paul takes it easy on those chocolate chip cookies. His country needs him healthy and ready in 2012.

Hat tip to Lew Rockwell.

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14 thoughts on “Ron Paul in 2012? – Dare We Dream?

  1. rich

    I so much detest john barack mcbama that my car and van
    both have Chuck Baldwin 08 signs on them. He will not be on the ballot in my state… missed a deadline for signatures (but so did Mccain and Obama in Texas) but our “gods” are above election laws. Yeah, he’s unknown
    and being on the ballot in less than 40 state’s, he has even less a chance as Ron Paul did but what the heck. He says he would appoint Ron Paul As Secretary of the Treasury, maybe he should consider G Edward Griffin for FED chairman, oh well enough daydreaming. BTW, will probably be voting for Nader – I don’t agree with a lot of his positions, but like Dr. Paul, I consider him a man of integrity.

  2. T. Chan

    Are there any young’uns who can take leadership roles in the movement Dr. Paul started between now and then? Surely there is at least one person out there who can follow Dr. Paul’s footsteps and maybe make even greater progress nationally…

  3. Dylan Hales

    The most likely heir would seem to be Gary Johnson.

    Problem is Johnson is a far weaker speaker than Paul and that wasn’t exactly one of Ron’s strong points.

  4. Jon

    Until real values are instilled in the young people coming up, common sense is a thing of the past. They have been taught through the free public indoctrination system that credit is more important than the freedom of being debt free. Until the people are willing to get back to basics there is little chance that they will force their political leaders to follow the lead of someone like Ron Paul. Our constitution, the law of the land, has been ignored by our leaders from the top down and we have not held them responsible for that violation. Until we do, expect little change from our current path. The news media has gone from reporting news to covering up indescretions and picking sides on political issues and candidates. With the recent nationalization of some of our financial institutions and elected officials siding with corporations over the will if the people, we have gone from a republic to a democracy and finally to socialism with barely a squeak from the public. The old saying “Continue to do what you have always done and you’ll continue to get what you have always gotten. Is that enough?”

  5. roho

    I had an intresting week of running into two different voters that both claimed pride in past voting for H. Ross Perot…………..Many of Perot’s predictions have become realities, causing some Dems and Republican voters to realize that vission has not come from either of the staus quo parties.

    I think that 3rd party candidates are missing the opportunity to “prove” this point by linking to old Perot speeches, as well as old PJB speeches.

    Overcoming the 2 party duopoly has to start in the mind of the voters that have been draged into the staged, phoney, confrontations; which are about as real as pro wrestling.

  6. RedPhillips Post author

    Rand Paul?

    He needs to run for a local office, get more involved in the movement outside his Dad’s campaign, and maybe he would be ready by 2016.

  7. David B Allyn

    I have met Rand, and while he is a great guy with broad knowledge of economics and history. he is NOT his father.

  8. Trent Hill

    I suspect if not Ron Paul, we’ll see Gov. Gary Johnson or Rep. Barry Goldwater make a run at it. Or maybe Rep. Walter Jones or Rep. Jimmy Duncan.

  9. David B Allyn

    Of course, all of this assumes that the USA as we know it will still be in existence in 2012

  10. Frank Griglonis

    just keep getting the message(s) out…dr. paul has
    been well supported by local small business people (old and young), and pre-schoolers (who can actually read) found dr. balwin’s campaign handouts fascinating at recent farmers’ market events…from a “creepzone” of socialism and multiculturalism

  11. roho

    Red…………….I think what David may be refering to is the 3rd term of President Obama?…..Much like FDR, he will have to install his version of the NEW DEAL, while holding the “DICTATORAL POWERS” that GWB hands down to all presidents that rule the Empire in the future……..(Congress is no longer needed).

    “Bush extends 911 National Emergency , yet again”.

    which results in:

    Putting the middleclass conservative in the middle of:


  12. Patroon

    Ron Paul will be 77 in 2012 and given the fact he did not campaign spend a lot of time in Iowa and New Hampshire the way a candidate should in order to win those early states leads me to believe he won’t do it again.

    Although, maybe if he did do it again his campaign could be better run and certainly will have more credibility from the media.

    I just wish he was 10 years younger. A lot will depend if someone comes in and picks up his mantle.

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