Bill Kristol meet Rich Kotite

Rich Kotite was the NFL’s poster boy for recycled failed coaches, somone tied in to the old buddy network of the NFL long enough to be hired and rehired despite a resume clearly lacking in success.  So one can argue Bill Kristol is following along the same path a recycled columnist among Cosmos. Good Bye New York Times – Hello Washington Post!

Family is family no matter where you find it, so why it shouldn’t the same be true for Cosmos? It was daddy Kristol’s influence with Times editor emeritus A.M.Rosenthal that got his son on the columnist roll by intervening with current Times editor Andy Rosenthal (Wow, they’re related!) and no doubt there’s some sort of connection between Post editor Fred Hiatt and Kristol (father and or son) because no one can take this statement by Hiatt on why he hired Kristol at face value:

“I think he’s a very smart, plugged-in guy,” Hiatt told Politico, “and the question of how and whether the conservative movement and the Republican party are going to right themselves, and redefine themselves, will be one of the really interesting subtexts of the Obama era.”

Sure and the Times just lets “smart plugged in columnists” go without so much as a good-bye president to their East Coast rival. And the fact that Kristol’s new gig is monthly suggests someone is doing a favor for somebody else.

Update: Speaking of necons landing, looks like Elliott Abrams is heading the Council of Foreign Relations. And the Cosmos once again take care of one of their own.

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One thought on “Bill Kristol meet Rich Kotite

  1. roho

    The “Grey Lady” may be releasing Bill Krystol, but make no mistake; these “Bolsheviks” never go away!….(Krystol, Wolfowitz, Feith, Pearle, and other Israel Firsters were the inventers of invading Iraq with lies of WMD’s.)

    There will always be a room for them back at the “Liberal Marxist Hotel” where they came from, but the “Jacobins” need the big bombs over at the GOP to kill arabs with. Besides, the neocons have already infiltrated the “Obama Administration”, and convinced him that killing more Afgans and Pakistanians will be the next 4 year liberal agenda. They are like roaches. Spray in one house and they just move to another.

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