Rush Limabugh to Chuck Baldwin: You Wacko!

Well its official, Rush Limbaugh is now officially a “centrist” , meaning he’s nothing because he referred to those didn’t vote for the two major party candidates, all one percent of us, as  “wackos” in this  Wall Street Journal editorial page article (and no Dittoheads we didn’t take it out of context. He said it and he means it.) He believes that people who voted for Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul and Bob Barr are just as nutty as Nader and or McKinney.

What this means is quite simple. “Mr Conservative” thinks authentic conservatives like Rev. Baldwin are nuts. He and other big name talk show hosts have joined “sensible center” or the better yet the social democratic establishment and has set the parameters for who can be supported and who is a “wacko” And ladies and Gentlemen, we’re on the outside looking in.

So I propose that Mr. Limbaugh drop any pretentions calling himself a “conservative” and refer to himself for what he is: a centrist. Instead of the EIB Network’s Advanced Institute for Conservative Studies, we can have the EIB Instititue for Wishy-Washy Self-Positioning along the Chagining Tides of the Zeitgeist. Instead of being the “Conservative Voice of Freedom,” he can be the “Moderate Voice for the Establishment.” At least he would be most honest with himself and his listeners instead of calling actual conservatives “wackos.”

Judge for yourself: Here’s Chuck’s latest column. See if you can feel the wackiness.

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8 thoughts on “Rush Limabugh to Chuck Baldwin: You Wacko!

  1. RedPhillips

    Yes, I thought the wacko comment was unwarranted. He has a long history of disrespecting third parties and their voters. I think it represents his true feelings, but here he may have been using it somewhat for effect because he then gives the “wacko” votes to Obama. By implication sober votes went to McCain.

    But I think his split the difference proposal was meant tongue-in-cheek. Some took the proposal itself seriously and went off on Rush.

    Who do you think ghosted it?

  2. roho

    Rush is a desperate man, realizing that most Americans with zero marketing background know nothing about what his job really is?

    His job is to sale ADVERTISING for EIB, as a result of having a large radio station base!………and Rush knows that he is toast when the “Fairness Doctrine” is passed. EIB will be forced to also fill a time slot with a liberal radio personality to show fairness.(Who? Combs from Hannity and Combs?)………They all fail! There has never been a successfull liberal radio talkshow host that could maintain any following after about 6 weeks.(But the cost to the station is still there!)

    Most convert to “Sports Talk Radio” to fill the slot or alternative music such as “Mexican Songs” in Spainish……And the advertisers move their money in a different direction and media format.

    Therefore, without a Neocon listening audience of consumers, Rush is done.(He’s in the panic mode looking for a new home, and “Economist” is not his forte.)

    As for Chuck Baldwin, I LOVE his boldness in this article, and wish others that know what he is actually saying, would step up to the plate and stop being PC chickenshits!

  3. Sean Scallon

    Red, you mean Rush doesn’t write his own material? The horror! (sarcasm)

    I hear John Fund likes to ghostwrite Limbaugh’s stuff.

  4. true conservative

    It’s not worth cheering for this country anymore. I am officially done with politics. I have no more faith that this nation will survive, and, frankly, I don’t care.

  5. Bruce

    I have listened to Rush since his first day in August of 1988. I loved him then for saying what needed to be said until the campaign for the 92 elections. If Rush was a true conservative,why did he not support a conservative candidate against a moderate or a liberal ? No conservative would choose George Herbert Walker Bush over Pat Buchanan. Pat wanted to build a fence to keep the illegals out in 1992 ! I wish we had !!!

    When Ross Perot claimed NAFTA was bad for America’s workers Limbaugh mocked him. Rush called Ross “that little hand grenade with a bad haircut” and laughed at “that great sucking sound” meaning the loss of American jobs offshore and south of the border.

    Looking back now sixteen years later Mr. Limbaugh owes Mr. Perot a huge apology. Perot was 100% correct . Rush is a businessman. He works for a major media network that is bought and paid for by the same Zionists that are destroying America’s economy and freedoms.
    Anyone is who not part of their New World Order will be ignored, ridiculed, or attacked by Limbaugh.

    Did he say anything positive about Dr. Ron Paul ? Did Bill O’Reilly ?
    How did Shawn Vannity treat Ron Paul ? They are all sold out shills for Israel. They never critisize the self chosen ones or their schemes.

  6. David B Allyn

    true con – I feel your pain. I came to this country from Europe and have slowly watched it succumb to rampant socialism under the guise of “fighting terrorism” and
    “racism”. The problem I face now is – to where do I move?

  7. Frank Griglonis

    the quite entertaining mr.limbaugh, along with
    the sometimes articulate dr.”savage,” and the hovenly host of “rudolph” moloch’s “foxy news” janissaries are essentially what some of we
    knuckle draggin’, gun and bible clingin’ miscreants refer to as “kosher conservatives”

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