The emerging state sovereignty movement

One of the new avenues of activism that’s been an offshoot of the Ron Paul campaign and the new Campaign for Liberty has been the state sovereignty movement.

Here’s an email I got on the progress on a new state soverignty law passed by the Oklahoma legislature:

Paul Supporters Lead Fight to Restore State Sovereignty

Oklahoma State House to consider historic bill to take back state’s rights under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

For far too long, the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been known as the forgotten amendment.   With power grab after power grab, Congress has slowly eroded the rights of states to keep powers not specifically granted to the federal government.

As more and more citizens and state legislators across the country begin to realize that this loss of states rights is at the core of many of our nation’s problems, those legislators have set out to stop the out of control Congress and restore some sense of sanity and constitutional protections to the individual states.

On February 11th, Oklahoma became the first state to act on legislation to do just that. This action was directly brought about by a Ron Paul supporter, and it is Campaign for Liberty members that will see this battle all the way through to endorse Ron Paul’s candidacy for President because of Dr. Paul’s strong support for the US Constitution.

You see, the 10th Amendment in our nation’s Bill of Rights has long been despised by our big government foes.  That amendment was drafted to enshrine in the Constitution what the Founders and the original states already knew any power not expressly given to the federal government is kept by the states and the people. Although a lot of freedom-minded individuals have long fought for full compliance with this amendment in modern times, there has been a void of leadership and a lack of focused action .

That void has been filled by the formation of Campaign for Liberty, which was born from Ron Paul’s galvanizing 2008 Presidential campaign.

Campaign for Liberty is fighting in state legislatures across the country and in Congress to preserve and restore constitutional rights to all citizens, to subdue an out of control federal government, and to win back our lost freedom.

The fight in Oklahoma is a great example of the kind of battles we face in the next stages of the Ron Paul Revolution.

With the support of Dr. Paul’s activists throughout the state, the Oklahoma legislature has taken up a vital bill to put Congress in its place and to remind it that there are limits to federal power.

This past Wednesday, the Oklahoma House Rules Committee unanimously supported House Joint Resolution 1003 which expresses the sovereignty of the State of Oklahoma and clearly calls for an end to unconstitutional federal government mandates.

Representative Charles Key (R-Oklahoma City), the sponsor of this bill, has spearheaded a national movement to put the federal government on notice that the separate states are sick and tired of having their actions dictated by Washington, D.C.

Rep. Charles Key is a supporter of Dr. Paul – in fact, “>he was the first elected official in Oklahoma

Oklahoma IS an example of how the R3volution is leading the battle to restore constitutional rights and freedoms to our citizens.  The fight to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution is just beginning, and, with the continued efforts of Campaign for Liberty members all across the country, it is a fight that we will win.

Kirk Shelly

Oklahoma Interim State Coordinator,

Campaign for Liberty

This movement may very well spread with this move by the Federal Government to make sure every state takes federal money even if their governors say no. Hopefully some of them really raise cain about this.

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17 thoughts on “The emerging state sovereignty movement

  1. Jon

    Hooray! Finally some people and leaders with backbone and a willingness to take on Big Brother. If or when Campaign for Liberty reaches Florida, I would like to be contacted. Don’t have money, but do have time to work in whatever capacity. The time to restore law and order in government is now!

  2. D B Allyn

    This is encouraging and shows that constitutional principles can still work in spite of the vicious efforts of the New World Order. But this movement will need to be coupled with a cultural, political and social awakening of European-Americans This may be our last chance to take back our country, to retrieve what is rightfully ours.

  3. Kirt Higdon

    Hate to throw another wet blanket, but so far these state sovereignty resolutions are just feel-good posturing. To date, what central government usurpations have been successfully or even unsuccessfully resisted? How many governors or other authorities have been arrested or imprisoned for their resistance? In another forum, one posturing states rights warrior announced that Missouri was considering a state sovereignty resolution to be triggered if FOCA is passed by the US Congress. You can’t get much safer or more make believe than that. FOCA has not even been introduced in the current session of Congress. Indeed the whole anti-FOCA campaign is pretty much a desperate attempt to prevent the political demise of the pro-life movement by giving it a pretend victory.

    Nothing short of economic collapse and/or bloody civil war with victory this time for the states’ rights advocates will re-assert the independence of the states. This could happen sometime down the line, but state sovereignty resolutions are irrelevant to whether it happens or not. And if the war between the states is too much ancient history, consider a current example. At a cost of about a third of its population killed, wounded or driven from their homes, the Iraqis tried to assert their independence against the US regime. They apparently have failed. Resistance has dropped to a minimal level and the puppet regime set up by the US has consolidated its power. Would the people of any state of the imperial heartland be as scrappy as the Iraqis or willing to sacrifice as much? Yet they would have to be all that and more to win.

  4. Captainchaos

    Kirt Higdon: “Hate to throw another wet blanket, but so far these state sovereignty resolutions are just feel-good posturing.”

    Here is something that will lift your spirits Kirt, looks like the spirit of the Duce is alive and well (HeHe!):

    “The new measures, which mandate mandatory life sentences for those who rape children or murder their rape victims, has been greeted with a storm of hysteria from open borders advocates concerned more with the welfare of illegal immigrants than with the safety of Italian women and children or justice for their families.

    The new measures also allow for the integration of civilian patrols as auxiliaries for police in efforts to help forestall immigrant crime.”

  5. Kirt Higdon

    Interesting, but I’m not quite sure how it relates to the topic at hand. I’d be a lot more impressed if Berlusconi pulled Italy out of the EU and NATO and if the Northern League were to return to its separatist roots and declare the independence of Lombardy. Civilian police auxiliaries is an idea which I hear Obama is playing around with.

  6. Captainchaos

    The Obongo administration is hellbent on drilling as many holes in the bottom of the ship of state as they possibly can, it seems. LOL!

    Obongo’s administration could well be the equivalent of the Reichstag fire for WN.

  7. roho

    Obama does have visions of “Brown Shirts” that answer to “Homeland Security”.(Sound familiar?)

    These will be the people that eventually interogate you for “Hate Speech” when you thought that your co-worker was simply a co-worker?(He keeps his jackboots and brown shirt in the closet for what he calls his patriotic duty.)

    If you asked him about the “Night Of Long knives” he would assume it was a cowboy and indian movie?………More than likely his “Upper-Management” would be a good little “Sayanim” who see’s the world in a different view?

  8. Captainchaos

    Nicholas Stix, apparently a Righteous Jew, outlines the plan to genocide the White race that Obongo’s handlers, the international midgets, have drawn up for him, here:

    Stix is mistaken, however, when he asserts that our only hope is to break Obongo’s momentum NOW. Wrong, even if all immigration were cut off today our minority status is guaranteed; in that scenario our race will wither on the vine. Our only hope lies in the flux that chaos and collapse of the System will create. Our only hope is that our people will become hardened with strength through suffering, that we will come together and find the resolve to take back all that has been stolen from us. Pro-White Revolution.

  9. Carol Derbis

    To D B Allyn who wrote on 20 Feb 2009 at 2:45 pm #:
    CONTACT MINUTEMEN. they can help you get started – get you contacts – people with whom you can get started!


    Do NOT wait! if you have the time and the WILLINGNESS to STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY, THEN DO SO! The Constitution gives you the permission to do so…it’s actually a RESPONSIBILITY for the CITIZENS to preserve this nation.

    Do not wait! Get involved today!

  10. Brian Miller

    I am happy to report that the Senate State and Local Government Committee here in the great state of Ohio did hold hearings on Spt. 15th for SCR13 (State Sovereignty) in review to pass on to the general assembly for a vote. This hearing was held to allow testimony in favor of this bill. 10 citizens, including myself attended and where allowed to spend a full hour and a half on this issue. If you wish to read or hear my testimony please visit my blog at the following link:

    If you are in Ohio, I urge you to call both your Senator and Representative to express your support of this bill. Thank you, and God Bless.

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