Left-Wing Thought Police Shut Down Tancredo Event

The PC enforcing Cultural Marxist have struck again on another college campus. This time they disrupted a talk by Tom Tancredo (video) at the University of North Carolina.

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About Filmer

Filmer is the Conservative Times username for a paleoconservative political activist. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, Sir. Robert Filmer (1588 - 1653) is a largely forgotten English political theorist who deserves more attention from conservative scholars. He was a (the?) main contemporary opponent to Locke and his social contract theory. Possibly as an artifact of Kirk, modern conservatives have largely stopped tracing conservative thought at Burke. This is unfortunate. A potential outcome of this is that you are just as likely to hear "conservatives" spouting Lockean silliness as you are liberals. Hopefully a revival of conservative interest in Filmer will be awakened by the increased interest in paleoconservatism.

One thought on “Left-Wing Thought Police Shut Down Tancredo Event

  1. roho

    What Bullshit!…………Now we all realize that anytime Barney Franks, Jessie Jackson, or Nancy Pellosi speaks, we can end it by throwing a rock through a $5.00 window?(Not that I’m impressed with Tancredo’s intestinal fortitude to stay?)

    Where’s the kind of leadership like Teddy Roosevelt that was SHOT at a speaking engagement and said. “It takes more than that to kill a Bullmoose!”

    I’m an ANTI-IMMIGRATIONIST, but realize that life is nothing more than a belief battle?


    We need leadership, not polititians.

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