Lindsey Grahamnesty Says Ron Paul is not the Leader of the Republican Party

So who is? Linsey Grahamnesty? Why on earth did South Carolina re-elect this clown? I wonder what the venue was? They should have booed the phoney. Center right? Yeah right! He may be the center right in Europe.

It’s true that Ron Paul is not the leader of the GOP. We can only wish. But Grahamnesty wasn’t stating a fact. He was making a dig.

Note:I have added a new tag, RINOs, for discussions about Grahamnesty, Specter, etc.

Addendum: This link explains the venue that I asked about above and gives some good background as well.

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Filmer is the Conservative Times username for a paleoconservative political activist. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, Sir. Robert Filmer (1588 - 1653) is a largely forgotten English political theorist who deserves more attention from conservative scholars. He was a (the?) main contemporary opponent to Locke and his social contract theory. Possibly as an artifact of Kirk, modern conservatives have largely stopped tracing conservative thought at Burke. This is unfortunate. A potential outcome of this is that you are just as likely to hear "conservatives" spouting Lockean silliness as you are liberals. Hopefully a revival of conservative interest in Filmer will be awakened by the increased interest in paleoconservatism.

4 thoughts on “Lindsey Grahamnesty Says Ron Paul is not the Leader of the Republican Party

  1. Andrew T.

    Although that certainly says something for the amount of progress we’ve made, when the phrases “Ron Paul” and “leader of the Republican Party” are even spoken in the same sentence by our enemies.

  2. Chris Hewlett

    I am from SC. The way the Grahamnesty thing happened was that no one showed up at the polls to vote for his R rival (Witherspoon). The presidential primary had already been done in February and it had, as the saying goes, sucked out all the oxygen. It is a very boring, unfullfilling thing to go to the polls. I was the only one there if I remember right – at that particular time that is.

  3. Fernando Barragão

    “He may be the center right in Europe.”

    Not quite. Continental European rightists tend to be much less capitalistic than the average American politician, due to traditionally larger functions of the State/Crown and an ages-old respect for hierarchy. A sort of Red Toryism, but harder and more authoritarian. Considering De Maistre’s portrait on this blog, you get the drift.

    Unfortunately, contemporary European rightists seem hooked on Talleyrand, who never lost a chance to betray supposed “principles” foe the sake of keeping his powerful perch. Our Vicars of Bray have long ago ditched any conservative Christian program worthy of the name, and are smitten with globalism.
    As it looks now, you’re bound to get the same problems.


  4. roho

    I had to hold my nose inorder to even watch the video. I’m sure that Strom Thurmand was rolling in his grave as one of “La Razas” favorite sons blathered about the Grand Old Party, while never even using the word conservative.

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