Mark Sanford Explained

Below is from an article at the American Spectator website. The dialogue is between two fictional characters from a novel, but it does have a ring of truth to it. Plus it is hilarious.

a character asks Davenport: “Why is it that Democrats are always having money scandals and Republicans are always caught in sex scandals?”

Lucas replies: “My theory is that Democrats are guys who know how to get girls but not how to make money. Republicans are guys who know how to make money but not how to get girls. When they each encounter both readily available in politics, they fall for the one they’re not used to.”

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3 thoughts on “Mark Sanford Explained

  1. Lord Peter

    I think we should add the Democrat men are the guys that know how to illegitimately get women and get away with it, while GOP men are the guy that know how to illegitimately accumulate wealth and get away with it. When elected, they each try the new fruit, but they don’t have the experience and savvy to get away with it.

  2. roho

    Affairs of the heart has been going on since the begining of time, as well as theft and corruption. Communication Technology Improvements have simply made politics work in real time.

    However, Character should be a prerequisite to ideology IMHO.

  3. Weaver

    Only “conservatives” care about sex scandals, so they often don’t affect Democrats since their target electorate often isn’t as “conservative”. I suspect that’s part of the issue.

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