My Letter to the American Conservative Magazine

Here is an e-mail I sent to the American Conservative regarding their new publisher, Ron Unz.

American Conservative, 

I was alarmed to read that your new publisher, Ron Unz, is very pro-immigration. Being strongly anti-immigration is one thing that has set your magazine apart from the rest of the dismal conservative pack (National Review, Weekly Standard, etc.). That and foreign policy, of course. I hope that Mr. Unz becoming the publisher does not mean the editorial position of TAC will change or moderate. That would be a shame. There are already enough institutional voices supportive of immigration. 


Dan E. Phillips, MD

Co-Editor Conservative Times

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2 thoughts on “My Letter to the American Conservative Magazine

  1. Chris Hewlett

    I just renewed my subscription, but if this turns out to be true I will cancel.

  2. Harold

    If TAC does become pro-immigration, I am not going to renew my subscription, which ends in a couple months.

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