Tying up loose ends before the New Year

The busyness of Christmas season left me precious little time to blog on some items in the news, political items that may be of interest to CHT readers. I will try to tie up these loose ends before the new year begins.

- Watching the Senate pass its own government health care bill was predictable. You can’t expect “Conservative Democrats”, whatever that term means, defeat a bill they have no ideological stake in defeating. They preened and pampered themselves in the news with their so-called threats, cut their deals with Harry Reid and the bill was passed even with the support of Lieberman and Nelson et.al. It’s also predictably what happens when opposition becomes so infantile to say “no” without explaining why or perhaps offering and supporting an alternative that says you can have health care reform that actually can help you without spending so much as a dime and getting support from far-left Democrats who know the bills in Congress are give-aways to the insurance and drug industries. But that would require people with brains and vision and unfortunately there are only a handful of members of the GOP caucus on Capitol Hill that have both these days. It’s liking sending in infantry into a battle without artilery, armor or air support.

- Kudos to the Tea Party Movement in Alabama for dumping bad tea on Rep. Parker Griffith, the turncoat Democrat who switched parties in order to save his political skin. They saw through his crap and saw him for what he was, an opportunist. The the NRCC may support him but he’ll have plenty of primary challengers and pretty much no support among activists. And when he realizes that his switcheroo’ is going to blow up in his face, he’s going to regret not having those netroots activists that helped get elected even though he had a voting record that opposed much of the Democrats’ agenda.

“Conservative Democrats” can really be amusing sometimes. Griffith gets elected from the party that gave us the New Deal and Medicare is shocked, SHOCKED! that the Democrats are the party of big government. Hey, they’ve been that since 1933, give them a little credit for consistency. What’s your excuse?

Griffith ran as “D” because the “R” label was toxic in 2006 and 2008. Now he figures the “D” label has become toxic so switched back. You don’t have to be a brilliant person to figure out his motivation.

Luckily the Tea Party movement sees through this crap.  It’s shows they won’t let themselves be used by the GOP and that’s a good thing.

- The curtain falls on Rudy Guliani’s political career. By declining to run for either governor or the U.S. Senate in New York, even though he stood good chances of being elected to either office, he’s pretty much told the world that he doesn’t have the heart for campaigning anymore as he showed during his disastrous 2008 run for President.

Amazing isn’t it that the fellow current GOP Chairman Michael Steele said was “done” is more influential now than even before while his boy Rudy is indeed “done”. He should think about that while he’s collecting another $50,000 a speech, a gross conflict of interest if there ever was one.

- Speaking of Paul, his son Rand continues to do well in polling for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky, opening a 15-point lead on Secretary of State Trey Grayson. While I’m sure this polling result warms the hearts of all Paulites this winter, it’s also a warning. Grayson will come after Paul with everything he’s got in the next few months. Get to hear questions about the TVA and whether Rand wants to privatize it, the ideological shamelessness of establishment Republicans knowing no bounds. Rand’s come a long way but he’s got a long way to go.

- Never let today stop you from fighting tomorrow’s war according to Joe Lieberman.  Get ready for the invasion of Yemen.

Please offer your prayers to a fellow named Michael Krisean who lives in New Richmond, Wisconsin. He was gearing up to run for Congress in the Third District but just suffered the loss of his young child recently. Requiem im Pacem.

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