19 thoughts on “The American Conservative Hacked?

  1. Bede Post author

    When you click on the link for the American Conservative, it takes you to the hosting company GoDaddy.

    Interestingly, Rob Sanchez has a recent post about GoDaddy’s censoring certain websites.

    I’m not saying that GoDaddy removed the American Conservative website, but it is noteworthy that some political blogs have changed their hosting company from GoDaddy for fear of censorship.

  2. S.L. Toddard

    It was hacked by some pro-Palestinian hacker. Before the GoDaddy thing is displayed page with a big Palestinian flag and a rant about how “you” (i.e. AmCon) should stop supporting the Jews etc etc.

  3. S.L. Toddard

    that should read “before the GoDaddy thing IT displayed etc etc”

    I clicked on my AmCon fav link and up popped a screen w/black background, big Palestinian flag and an anti-Israel rant by someone for whom English was obviously not a first language.

  4. Bede Post author

    It’s odd that someone would hack TAC for being pro-Israel. Whatever problems TAC might have had, it’s been consistently critical of Israel.

  5. RedPhillips

    When I first read this I thought it might be a White Nat ticked off about the immigration article.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was a pro-Palestine group that just hacked random conservative sites and didn’t know where AmCon is coming from.

  6. RonL

    Assuming that this was not done by an employee of GoDaddy, i see four possibilities since the server is running Apache/2.2.8 on Fedora.
    1. Injection SQL attack opened the door.
    2. someone logged in with a spyware infected client.
    3. Employee sabotage
    4. Easy password.

    I hate malignant hackers far too much to feel shadenfreude at what amounts to misdirected friendly fire. I hope they fix this quickly and suggest that they scan any backup before loading it.

  7. John Knez

    S.L. Toddard, another possibility is that it was hacked by someone who wanted to cast pro-Palestinian causes in a bad light. Hard to say what the motivation was without more information.

  8. Ben

    What’s up? I rarely read American Conservative anymore since Unz took over but I’m sorry to hear this…

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